Hogue announces new line of Sig Sauer Knives

Hogue Sig Sauer

While this press release says that Hogue is “announcing” a partnership with Sig, it must be something more along the lines of a renewal since Hogue has/had been making knives for Sig since at least 2015. Hogue also announced a new partnership with HK Knives at this year’s SHOT Show.

The pres release below is a little boilerplate, but the knives themselves are pretty nice. Sigs have devoted following, and a lot people like matching coodinating their EDC kit. The furniture on these knives is literally the same material as the Hogue Sig grips.  It is an attractive pairing. I am looking forward to handling them myself in June at Blade Show.  If I didn’t already love the one that designer Allen Elishewitz gave to me, I would carry this X5 in a heartbeat – even if I don’t own a Sig pistol. Really like the 2-tone look.

From Hogue:

Henderson, NV – Hogue Knives is proud to announce a partnership with SIG SAUER to produce knives
with the “SIG” mark designed to match the grips, and finishes, of many of SIG SAUER’s popular firearms.
“Hogue is the manufacturer of many of SIG SAUER’s firearm grips,” explained Hogue owner, Neil Hogue.
“We use the same G10 material for the gripping on these knives as we use for the grips we produce for
SIG SAUER firearms, which allows us to exactly match the dye and materials, and control quality. The
blade is finished to replicate the coloring of the pistol coating which makes it a great companion to a SIG
SAUER firearm.”

SIG SAUER world renowned firearms are known for raising the bar when it comes to quality and
innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community,
law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Like SIG SAUER, Hogue knives
shares the same drive to be the best, love of freedom, and an unwillingness to compromise.
All of HOGUE’s “SIG” marked knives pair with the popular styles of the SIG SAUER firearms Hogue
produces grips for. Each have the familiar “SIG” mark either machined in G10 or inlayed with a circular
medallion. Hogue’s popular X5, EX-04, and EX-01 knives (both manual folding and automatic variations)
are available to match SIG SAUER’s Emperor Scorpion and Exclusive Series Firearms including the
Legion Series. Hogue’s EX-02 flippers are available to match ASE, Extreme, Scorpion, and Emperor
Scorpion firearms. Finally, the Hogue EX-F01 has matches to SIG SAUER’s Stainless Elite and Exclusive
Series firearms.

Hogue knives are made in the USA. MSRP ranges between $199.95 and $279.95. Hogue is the exclusive
manufacturer of SIG SAUER automatic knives. Hogue supports local dealers and encourages customers
to purchase their SIG SAUER knives locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at
1800-438-4747 or visit SIGKnives.com.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Beyond my willingness to pay, but they do look fine!

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Hogue announces new line of Sig Sauer Knives

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