Hogue announces partnership with H&K; 3 new knives

Hogue HK Knives

Good morning everyone. I am kicking off my SHOT Show 2018 coverage with a release that is actually a couple of days old, but was timed for creating buzz ahead of the show. Hogue Knives has announced that they are partnering with Heckler & Koch, beginning with the release of 3 new Hogue H&K knives.

From Hogue:

For Immediate Release – Friday, January 19, 2018

For over a century combined, Heckler & Koch and Hogue, Inc. have consistently exceeded industry demands, manufacturing the highest quality firearms and accessories available in the world. These megabrands have recently joined forces to release a high quality family of knives.

This collaboration has resulted in the first 3 knives of the HK Knives series being unveiled at SHOT Show on January 23, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hogue H&K Exemplar

The HK Exemplar is a 3.25” pivot lock folder. Machined black or flat dark earth G10 handles are shaped and textured with a similar pattern to HK’s popular handgun grips for superior grip and grab.

Premium grade steel is profiled and ground providing all the edge you need. The Exemplar features tandem dual thumb studs with a Pivot Lock which offer fast, single handed deploy and retract functionality. MSRP ranges from $149.95 for the tumbled option to $169.96 for black finishes.

The HK Hadron houses a 3.375” switch operated blade which instantly deploys and retracts out-the-front for total control. Its compact and versatile design allows easy storage and quick response when needed. Choices include a clip point or tanto blade with serration and heavy-duty machined aluminum handles in black or flat dark earth.

The MSRP ranges from $289.95 to $299.95.

The HK Karma sports a 3.75” tanto or spear point blade and utilizes HK textured black or safety orange G10 handles. Designed for response effectiveness, the Karma provides the ability to slice, cut, break, and wrench with increased confidence. The knife is strategically shaped and sized for the gloved or bare hand and carries or packs with ease.

The featured strap cutter on the spine rotates open to safely cut through fibrous materials with ease minimizing the chance of injury. At the rear a carbide glass breaker and oxygen wrench make this the right tool for everyone.

The MSRP is $189.95.

All HK Knives manufactured by Hogue are made in the USA. For more information visit www.hkknives.com


Benchmade had been H&Ks previous knife-partner, but their contract ended in 2016. This new partnership with Hogue seems like a natural fit given Hogue’s position as an industry leader in aftermarket firearm grips and accessories. While this partnership will be in the knife arena, it wouldn’t surprise me if this leads to other collaborative projects down the road.

We at TTAK are fond of the folks at Hogue and the products they produce. I still carry my X-5, even though the review has been out for a couple of months. David has had a complicated relationship with the EX-01 Micro flipper, but Hogue actually agreed with his assessment and suggestions, and has made changes to the knife which remove any reservations David had.

This openness as well as production-agility in making changes illustrates Hogue’s commitment to producing top-quality products. I expect that H&K will be more than pleased with the relationship that develops.







  1. Hogue is really going after Benchmade’s lunch money here. Not only have they nabbed HK, but that “pivot lock” looks suspiciously like the Axis lock. Now that the patent has expired, it is good to see some other manufacturers picking up the ball on that mechanism.

    1. It should be fun to watch.

  2. Dale Chayes says:

    On the basis of your post I ordered a Karma (orange, spearpoint) from Hogue to add to my collection of rescue knives (competition is good) even though I could not find any info on the blade steel.

    On the steel front, I sent an email query to Hogue and got the prompt answer: “CM154 steel.” I like the answer and the prompt response.

    The knife showed up the other day so I don’t have a lot of hands-on with it yet, but first impressions:
    – it is big (much bigger than a Gerber CLS or Benchmade Triage) but it feels good in my hand
    – I like the textured scales – good grip without being nastily abrasive
    – I _really_ like the fact that the carry clip is mountable in all four orientations (I wish it were more common)
    – The strap hook is big (again relative to the CLS and Triage) – haven’t tried it but looks “right”
    – There is an oxygen wrench slot – not regularly used by me, but hard to fake if you need one
    – I really like the hybrid blade: yeah, sharp is all you need, but when you have to saw through stuff like 1″ polypropylene “rope” , the serrations really help

    1. Cool. Thanks for the update.

  3. Sam G says:

    I didn’t realize H&K dropped Benchmade.

    I own a couple H&K Scorchs with it’s stealthy dual action, which is why I bought it. While I live in a state with no automatic knife restrictions, the Scorch will fool 99% of the people that examine it, as it clearly appears to be a liner lock manual opener, and not an automatic.

    The only way a person would know it’s a dual action knife is if they own one, or seen one before. For this reason I keep this D2 steel Scorch in my vehicle for times I might find myself stuck behind enemy lines with stuck on stupid gun and knife ordinances.

    In the military, Benchmade blades served me well, but I do understand why some people don’t like this company. I hope Hogue serves H&K users well, eventually I’ll probably own one.

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Hogue announces partnership with H&K; 3 new knives

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