Hogue EX-T01 Testing update: Off-trail carry

The stars aligned yesterday and I actually got to get out for several hours of personal fishing in the Smokies. I haven’t been on the water much this summer. Business is down from the fires and I have had a lot on the family side to eat up my time.  It was unbelievably therapeutic to drop the kids off at school and drive into the National Park for some time on the stream.

I carried the Hogue EX-T01 tomahawk with me, not with a particular limb in mind to remove, but with the goal of simply seeing how it feels to have it along as I climb over boulders, crawl over logs, and scamper up embankments. I must say I am quite pleased.


I wore the EX-T01 on a separate wading belt.

Hogue is a really big consumer product company, but one of their core industries is plastics molding. They used this background to create an extremely comfortable “belt plate”. It hugs the hip, keeping the ‘hawk in place, and has enough give to it that it allows for some flex to the system as the handle bumps up against a rock or branch. It sits far enough back that a pocket-clipped folder can be accessed easily.

It also allows the “sheath” to slide onto one’s belt without the need for rethreading the belt. It allows for easy removal as well, such as when entering a car. In my case, I used a separate mesh belt that I could simply buckle/unbuckle as desired.

The hip-plate has some give to it, which keeps the system from being completely rigid.

While I couldn’t quite drive my truck with the EX-T01, the lack of absolute rigidity is definitely more comfortable when sitting on a rock and the like. One has to choose where they wish to sit, but it wasn’t hard to find a place to sit that accommodate the handle.

The EX-T01 hangs comfortably on the hip throughout a full range of motion.

Unless you are actually sitting, it is easy to forget you are even wearing the EX-T01. The plate nestles against your hip and the handle hangs neatly by the side of your thigh. It remains in place comfortably when hiking, crouching, climbing and all related off-trail activities.

While I didn’t need to remove a limb from a pool or to retrieve a fly, it doesn’t bother me. I have already begun to bang on wood and fasten a tent stake with the ‘hawk at home, which I documented in my “First Impression Review“. Getting to carry the EX-T01 in “my office” had value itself, as I can now testify to the comfort and effectiveness of sheath/carry system.

Well designed and executed.

My two worlds in a picture…


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Hogue EX-T01 Testing update: Off-trail carry

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