Holiday Gift Guide For Knives: 2016 Edition

It is that time of year again, and if you are still stumped on what to get the knife loving friends on your list, we reviewed a number of great products this past year that would make an excellent gift.

I know this list is arriving a bit late this year, but there is still a little time to get those packages ordered. Without further ado.

Up to $25

Stocking Stuffers: The Kershaw Shuffle may have its faults, but it still makes a great stocking stuffer for the price. Available for around $15 individually, 3-packs can also be had for around $30, and it makes a handy blade to stash in a purse, in your car or utility box.

From $25-$50

High Quality Bargain Folder: The Spyderco Tenacious is a heck of a lot of knife for the money. Not only is it my favorite sub-$50 folder, it is also a Chinese made folder that could easily pass for US made if the tang stamp said something else. With decent steel with a high flat grind, evenly machined black G10, and contrasting silver hardware, this is a great knife that doesn’t break the bank.

Foolproof Sharpener: Work Sharp has a winner on their hands with their new Combo Knife Sharpener. Combining the belt-based and manual guided systems they are known for into one low cost unit, this sharpener achieves hair-shaving results with ease. No kitchen counter should be without one.

From $50-$75

Best Bargain Fixed Blade: I like to call the micarta handled Condor Bushlore the best $50 knife out there, even though it is actually a few bucks more than a half c-note. For even less money, you can get the same knife with hardwood handles.

From $75-$100

Full-Tang Stainless Bushcraft Knife: The new, full-tang Morakniv Garberg made a splash at SHOT show this year, and it is easy to see why. The knife is a solid performer and there is no better bargain out there on a full-tang scandi-ground knife if you want your blade in stainless steel.

US-Made All-Rounder: The Becker BK16 does a lot of things well. Its blade shape lends itself well to bushcraft, camping and even hunting. The steel is a classic, solid performer, and the knife is emminently customizable. An excellent blade whether you are just getting started or you are a grizzled veteran, the design just works.


Handmade Knife Bargain: The L.T. Wright Bushcrafter HC is not only an excellent knife, it is also a cheap way to get into handmade knives without breaking the bank. It is hard to go wrong with this blade.

$150 and up

Pure Slicing Efficiency: The Big Chris Pocket Fighter slices like no other blade I have ever tested. The version I reviewed sported some super-thin supersteel in the form of 10V. After cutting more than 500 feet of cardboard, I could still shave hairs with parts of the blade.

For the Lover Of Fine Things: Why not check out the KnifeArt Razorback? This high end fixed blade would look great next to a tumbler of scotch and a nice cigar.

Military Grade Survival Knife: Originally developed for Navy SEALs, the First Edge 5050 boasts a mighty slab of Elmax steel and an innovative sheath system. Clay tested it extensively in the Smoky Mountains where it did everything from chop through branches of wood to gutting trout. The knife did not let him down.

Modern Take On Traditional: The Peachsmith Chimera melds old school friction folder design with modern construction and design, bringing one of the oldest folding knfie mechanisms into the 21st century.

That is all for this year’s list. We are working on getting some more cool items in for review in 2017 and we can’t wait to bring them to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, but most of all…




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Holiday Gift Guide For Knives: 2016 Edition

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