Hoplophobic Outrage of the Day: 12 year old suspended from school for turning in a knife that wasn’t even his

12 year old suspended for knife

I hope this kid grows up to be a successful lawyer and sues the pants off of school districts like his.

Another day, another opportunity for brain-dead school administrators to imperil a youngster’s future for no good reason whatsoever. Like the Detroit honor student who had a knife in her backpack. Or the 10 year old violinist who had a 1.25″ Victorinox Classic she used to trim bow-hairs. Or the Georgia student who had a knife in his tackle-box which was in his car. Or the 5 year old who should have had a meeting with his parents and the principal rather than a suspension. Or this one. Or this. Or this. Should I keep going?

The latest example of hoplophobic dingbattery comes from Branch County, Michigan, where a 12 year old student tried to do the “right” thing and turn in a knife he found in his newly acquired Goodwill backpack.


From WWMT.com:

Kyler Davies, a 7th grade student, found a pocket knife in his backpack. His mom tells us she bought the bag at Goodwill and never checked it. When her son found it, he told a counselor, and was suspended.

“He was turning it over like he was supposed to, and you are punishing him for doing what’s right. So what is that teaching these kids?” his mother Denise Davies asked.

Denise says she doesn’t think her son, 12-year-old Kyler, will be back to Coldwater Community Schools.

On the first day of 7th grade at Legg Middle School, Kyler found a pocket knife in his backpack–a bag Denise bought at Goodwill.

“He pulled it out and his counselor was standing there, and he says can I call my mom? And she’s like why do you need to call your mom. He says well, I found this, this isn’t mine,” she said.

The leather case was at the bottom of his bag.

Davies is a foster parent, and tells us none of her children have access to those types of items.

“I said I’ve never seen it, Kyler’s hysterical: ‘I’ve never seen it, mom. I swear,'” she said.

But Davies says, per school rules, the incident meant an automatic one year suspension–a punishment that was later knocked down to 30 school days.

The District even tried to get Kyler kicked off of an independent football team because they sometimes use school facilities and buses. The team refused. Good for them.

When WWMT contacted the District, they received this milquetoast response:

Coldwater Community Schools does not disclose information regarding the discipline of individual students under any circumstance. However, discipline procedures are in our student handbook and are consistent with Coldwater Community Schools Board of Education policies which comply with the current laws of the State of Michigan regarding student discipline.

Never let common sense get in the way of sticking it to some poor kid who was trying to do the right thing. A foster kid faces enough of an uphill climb in life without a collection of cretins who are too mentally deficient to critically evaluate circumstances and act in their students’ best interest making it harder.

Shame on Superintendent Terry Boguth. She should not only be forced to resign, she should be tarred and feathered before being run out of town on a rail. Or if you prefer to follow the example of the Ukrainians…

Here’s to hoping this catches on in America…


  1. Rick Eyerly says:

    Look up the origin of the word defenestration, you’ll see that public official’s antics have been generating interesting reactions from their “subjects” for a very long time.

    1. Batray says:

      Ouvrez la fenetre.

  2. ExRat says:

    What a wonderful way to teach kids to trust authority! That idiocracy has created a problem where none existed, and it might — just might — be a turning point in the kid’s life. In the wrong direction! Tar, feathers.

  3. Rickc says:

    Where are the men? Real men? This is what happens when men relinquish their responsibilities. These problems were non-existent when men were still in charge. What is the percentage of male to female teachers today? 5%? 7%?

    1. Michelle Dulak says:

      In the early grades, there are basically no male teachers. In high school, there are some, but I think still a minority. Because all men are basically pedophiles, yes? Though Glenn Reynolds’ long-running series of posts suggests that all women are basically pedophiles, too. Only the men are creepy, whereas the women just make boys sing “Hot For Teacher.” Supposedly.

      ETA: My husband is a high school music teacher.

    2. Lisa McCue says:

      Yeah, it’s all the fault of women. Of course.

  4. bill krinski says:

    “Terry Boguth”? Her name is like “bogus”, with a dumb-ass lisp for good measure. #hero.

  5. DCE says:

    This ‘zero tolerance’ policy BS has caught yet another innocent and punished him for doing the right thing.

    In my experience, zero tolerance polices allow administrators to be lazy because they don’t have to make an actual decision. It allows them to fall back upon the “But it’s clearly stated in our policies” excuse. Anyone too weak to make an actual policy decision should not be an administrator. If every decision is based upon an immutable policy, then the expensive administrator can be replaced by a simple computer program that doles out punishments based upon the policies programmed into it.

    This nonsense has got to stop. It’s time to start firing people!

    1. love the computer algorithm suggestion. Bravo sir.

  6. Brinkley says:

    Political Correctness has flat out destroyed our country and has turned many citizens into highly sensitive and weak individuals.Common sense isn’t common anymore.

    1. Carl says:

      Political correctness is simply fascism in a guise of politeness.

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Hoplophobic Outrage of the Day: 12 year old suspended from school for turning in a knife that wasn’t even his

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