Hoplophobic Quotes of the Day: Cognitive Dissonance Edition

““I’ve seen a lot of deadly attacks with knives and I think repealing all the laws and eliminating them would be ridiculous, However, I do believe we need laws restricting certain types of knives, especially those that are designed to kill, I don’t think anyone should be walking down the street with a combat knife for any reason.”

The above quote comes to you from a person who has been entrusted with a significant amount of authority. Jack Rinchich, is a retired Florida police chief  and current president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. According to a recent FoxNews.com piece on the state-by-state rollback of switchblade restrictions. According to Fox, Chief Rinchich is a Marine Veteran and 40 year veteran LEO who “is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.” BUT…


There is so much fail in the Chief’s quote it is hard to figure out where to start. Apparently the Chief has seen the results of knife violence. It would seem obvious that he has seen gun deaths. I would imagine that the Chief has also seen a drunk driver or two who has plowed a quite modest vehicle, one not “designed for killing”, into an innocent family. It is the operator, not the tool that matters.

That leads me to ask what makes a knife “designed for killing”? I suppose you could point to the thumb pad on a V42 stiletto, which facilitates a rib-penetrating horizontal grip as a feature. I suppose it is a more valid difference than the “shoulder-thingy that goes up” on an AR.

However, the 9-11 attacks were perpetrated with lowly boxcutters. In no possible universe is the primary design function of said tool hijacking airplanes. It happened to be the tool that was (mis)used in this case, but we have shown that many post-security screening items can be fashioned into weapons.

As for “combat knives”… Is my Kim Breed a combat knife? It has the thumb pad after all. It was made by a SOF Master Sgt. I would not hesitate to deploy it if I am facing a threat to me or my family. However, I mostly just perform EDC-type tasks with it. It is a good tool for such things.

The Fox article that the above quote comes from summarizes the march of knife rights in America. To the average TTAK reader, it is nothing new. In fact, the piece highlights the Village Voice knife coverage and the Reason piece I examined the other night, as well as other Freddie Gray coverage. It even quotes KnifeRights.org’s Doug Ritter, something I have been known to do from time to time. There was another facepalm worthy quote from another retired police chief:

Chief Sean Mannix, the Texas president of the chiefs’ association, agrees, saying that, “reasonable regulation is okay.”

“I don’t think our society is reflective of one in which the majority wouldn’t be comfortable with people running around with offensive weapons.”

Unless he was not in fact agreeing, I believe the quote should say “majority would be comfortable” otherwise he would be agreeing with the laminaphiles like us. But enough trying to attribute rationality to Chief Mannix. Double-negatives aside, unless the good Chief is anachronistic enough to be against any form of CCW, any law-abiding CC’er is running around with a potentially offensive weapon. So is anyone operating a car, chainsaw, or countless other tools for that matter.



  1. elcas says:

    here we are again, the vast majority of knife related crimes are comitted with kitchen knives, and it’s only because they are readily available nevertheless should we ban them ? or should we give them to the govt and ask for a supervised permission to use them each time we cook , it seem that everywhere (i’m french) the fear of knives made every govt stoupid! (it’s not as bad here than in NY for example, but still it’s awefull)

    now one last point: the very same people whom upon discovering you carry a blade told you :”who are you gonna kill?” is the same that’s gonna ask for your blade when they need one never realizing that it is for this purpose that you do carry!

  2. Doug Ritter says:

    Thanks for taking on some of the absurd quotes from law enforcement included in yesterday’s FoxNews.com headline article about Knife Rights and our success in repealing irrational knife laws. From our point of view, such ridiculously biased and ignorant quotes only serve to help us, as most folks see right through them. The Chief’s Association never saw a freedom they didn’t wish to remain restricted. However, the better than 10:1 margin of votes in favor of our bills clearly demonstrates that even most politicians get it. While reading the article might lead you to believe that law enforcement generally opposes our efforts, in fact, more often than not, when we work to repeal irrational knife restrictions, we are not opposed by law enforcement.

  3. tv says:

    “I don’t think our society is reflective of one in which the majority wouldn’t be comfortable with people running around with offensive weapons.”

    According to the Chief’s rules, the Supreme Court needs to eliminate strict scrutiny of 2nd Amendment challenges in favor of ‘strict comfort’.

    No thank you Chief.

  4. sagebrushracer says:

    knife laws are over the top, why don’t they just make it against the law to stab people? that will fix it for sure!


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Hoplophobic Quotes of the Day: Cognitive Dissonance Edition

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