Housekeeping: 4 million page views, and the hits just keep on coming…


4 million page views! Thanks everyone.

Stepping aside from our Blade Show coverage for a moment, TTAK hit a major milestone this afternoon. (4 million page views if you missed the title and the photo caption). It took 8 months and 10 days which is just under 2 months less than it took us to go from 2 million to 3. We got a boost across the line from The Blogfather; David’s post on the California Supreme Court SAK ruling got Instalanched Sunday afternoon (and then bumped at 11pm) as I was arriving back in Knoxville. It is currently at 6,093 views and climbing.

Leading the pack all time is, and will likely always be Will Woods’ Ask a Knifemaker: The Truth About Damascus which will have its 100,000th view in the next few days. It is nuts, but that one post generates so much traffic that more often than not it beats the Day 1 total for any post that I make. Every now and again I actually will text Will a picture of the analytics if we are tied going into the evening hours. As it turns out, several hundred people a day ask Google “What is Damascus Steel?” or words to that effect. His post is second only to Wikipedia when one does a cookie-free search.

The Top 5 All-time are:

Ask A Knifemaker: The Truth About Damascus 99,351
Ask A Knifemaker: The Truth About Tantos 57,857
Know Your Knife Laws: Massachusetts 57,695
Know Your Knife Laws #10: Virginia 47,554
Knife Review: Morakniv Bushcraft Black 45,368

Thank you everyone for coming back and helping us reach this milestone. I am proud of what we have going here at TTAK. I have a great crew of writers, interesting commenters,  and a host of knifemakers and industry professionals that have been so very supportive – especially as I have grown into my role as Managing Editor.

Finally, I would like to thank Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm. He planted a seed and by the time I took over it had germinated and broken the surface. Without that foundation we could never have grown TTAK into what it has become.

Stay Sharp everyone.


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Housekeeping: 4 million page views, and the hits just keep on coming…

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