Housekeeping: Blade Show Bound


Southbound and down…

I am headed to the 2014 Blade Show in the morning, and am frankly like a kid before Christmas. Unfortunately, Chris had a trial conflict and can’t make it. However, I will not the only member of our little Klatch that will be in attendance. I have heard from a couple of readers that plan on attending, and I would imagine that there are at least one or two more. I am posting my phone number below the jump. If you are there, drop me a text or call me. I would love to meet the members of our Edged Intelligentsia.


If you are at Blade, text or call me. I would love to meet you.

There have been a couple of folks who have expressed interest in contributing a post or two, and I look forward to sharing those with you. Will Woods, our “Knifemaker in Residence” will have a booth of his own, and I am looking forward to meeting him face to face. I know he is busy turning out a new line of throwing knife prototypes, his monster Titan 2 folder, and other goodies, but I am hoping to talk him into a couple of more “Ask a Knifemaker” series posts. Not only is he a knowledgeable resource, but he has a knack for explaining complicated subjects in understandable ways. His posts The Truth about Damascus, and The Truth about Tantos are some of the most read in the history of TTAK. In fact, they still trigger about 2 dozen views a day from internet searches on the topics.

At any rate, Blade looks to be a heck of an event. I have lined up facetime with folks from CRKT, Carter Cutlery and other makers, so if you have any questions you would like me to ask, please pass them along. And check back often. I will be posting several times throughout the day all weekend long here on the blog.

I will also be posting more or less constantly to our Facebook Page and Twitter feed (@knifetruth), so feel free to follow us for the latest happenings for the show and lots of knife porn.

Thanks for reading everyone.


p.s. For your viewing pleasure:


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Housekeeping: Blade Show Bound

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