Housekeeping: Quick check-in and an attaboy for David


Dinner, brought to you by Wilmont Knives.

I had to spend the morning at the office. It is a tough life. I managed to land a couple of keeper-legal trout in about 4 hours of work in addition to the couple of dozen smaller ones I released. Consequently, I have managed to finish the last of my testing on the Wilmont Wharny, and can get to work on my review. Unfortunately, I need to move around a whole crap-ton of pictures, and so this picture is about it for new content tonight.

Another quick note. David’s  Protection from absurd knife laws got cited/linked in an article from Patrick J. Buchanan. Yes, that Patrick Buchanan. No matter what you think of the man’s politics, it is quite a feather for David’s cap. We may not be the biggest blog out there, but I think that TTAK frequently punches above its weight.


I had to spend the morning in the office…




  1. Paul on Harsens Island says:

    Sure beats the cubical I worked in all day.

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Housekeeping: Quick check-in and an attaboy for David

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