Housekeeping: Reader Essay Deadline Announcement

I have been thrilled at the fantastic entries we have received for our Reader Essay Contest. Thank you to all who have submitted entries. I want to take a minute today to announce that we are setting a deadline of 11:59PM EDT on Wednesday, June 3rd.

David Andersen is staying with me that Thursday night before we head down to the Blade Show. I would like to wrap the contest before we move onto our show coverage, and getting to sit down with David face-to-face seems like a good opportunity to solicit his feedback on judging.

There is still time to get your entries into the contest. Please email your work to Reviews, stories, news, anything remotely knife related is fair game. If you are on the fence, give it a try. We have assembled a heck of a prize pool for this – thanks to Spyderco, Pop’s Custom Clips, and SOB Tactical.



  1. Dan says:

    Just sent mine in (fingers crossed).

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Housekeeping: Reader Essay Deadline Announcement

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