Housekeeping: “Take that photo down or the kitten gets it”


“Take that last picture down, or the kitten gets it!”

Well, folks have spoken. The body modification picture sent in by reader Aaron P. as the first entry in the “Caption This” photo contest turned more than a few stomachs. I agree it was disturbing. But as the benevolent dictator of TTAK, I judged it to fall just inside the boundary of acceptable for the contest (though certainly outside the boundaries of good taste).

I would like to see the contest succeed. My mailbox hasn’t exactly been blowing up with submissions. It is in that vacuum that the picture remained the lead post for longer than I would have liked. So please send me something better if you do not want Aaron’s picture to win the CRKT Minimalist. Email the picture that you think will garner the most captions from your fellow readers to

I found the raccoon picture in about 15 seconds. After all of the negative feedback I received, I wanted to come up with good example. It happened to be the first image I found when googling the words “kitten and knives”. I didn’t see past the first line of results, the above picture was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for for both the contest (obviously I don’t count as an entrant), and as an avatar representative of where I am mentally after reading your feedback.

It is sometimes lonely on this end of the keyboard. I have been wearing the Editor’s hat for right about 2 months now. I suppose my first flop was both due to happen and somewhat inevitable.

At any rate, there are lots of funny pictures out there. Send me some. If your submission gets the most captions from our other readers, you will win the swag. And caption my photo too if you wish.


  1. kap says:

    I like it, as it’s driving PETA people nuts {people eating tasty animals} trying to make Raccoons seem inhumane, forgetting that that little Tabby has a hand full {so to speak} of Razor’s in each hand er ah paw! the Raccoon only was trying to protect his couch!

  2. Sam L. says:

    Reminds me of the National Lampoon cover, “Buy this magazine or the dog gets it!” (cover had a hand holding a revolver to a dog’s head).

  3. Paul B says:

    Put the kibble down and back away!

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Housekeeping: “Take that photo down or the kitten gets it”

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