Housekeeping trifecta: Ethan Becker, LT Wright, and Teddy Peacher

How is that for a search-engine friendly headline? How can I tie a legend, a modern master, and a promising young maker into a single coherent post? Well, I will tell you…

I went dove hunting last night, once again making the only shot I took, and this time had the chance to put my LT Wright Canadian Belt Knife (small) to the test. I was working on a post on blade shapes, specifically comparing this particular bird and game knife to the quite differently shaped Big Chris “Bird & Trout” that I breasted my season’s first dove with last week.

I didn’t finish that post because I spent some of my writing time this evening catching up with Teddy Peacher and updating him on my testing of the Chimera he sent me. (Spoiler Alert: I am enjoying EDC’ing a friction folder. The Chimera is a cool blend of modern materials and lines with this most traditional style of folder).

I need to head to bed now because I am going to visit Ethan Becker in the morning. It turns out he lives less than 90 minutes from me and razzed me at BLADE Show this year for not coming to see him sooner. I have been remiss and am excited to remedy that tomorrow.

I told you I could connect Ethan, LT, and Teddy. I even managed to tie in Big Chris Berry as well.


Goodnight all.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m still waiting for the comparo test for the Canadian Belt Knives you have.

    1. cmeat says:

      the one with the murphy included?

      1. Sam L. says:

        I think he has four, now.

        1. Nope. Just the Cold Steel and LT Wright.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I thought you had a real Grohman, too.

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Housekeeping trifecta: Ethan Becker, LT Wright, and Teddy Peacher

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