Housekeeping/Knife Review Tease

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Lots of folks watched the MLB All Star Game. Most did not watch it while skinning a groundhog.

If you have been following us on Twitter (@knifetruth) or “like” our Facebook page, you will have known that while I haven’t posted anything here in a couple of days, it isn’t because I am not up to something. It is hard to find the time to both write and test, but on Tuesday night I finished the last test I wanted to perform on the Will Woods Kraken.

I am locked in a perpetual battle with groundhogs who seek (and sometimes succeed) in breaching my garden defenses. I have liquidated 2 previously, one with a .22 Ruger MK3, and the other “hillbilly gangster” style from my bedroom window and a 9mm Glock. I will spare you the details of what a Hornaday Critical defense round does to a groundhog at 5 yards, more or less straight down. Suffice it to say I am comfortable with its efficacy as a defensive cartridge.

photo (97)

He had a last supper of pole beans and tomatoes.

I have been wanting to skin an animal as part of a knife test for a while now. I figured that the Kraken was a worthy tool for said test as the knife would be perfectly at home in a hunting camp. When I took the above whistle-pig Tuesday night with my buddy’s 10/.22 (the loaning of which would have made us felons had Manchin/Toomey passed), I had the convergence of time and opportunity to do so. I skinned and quartered the above critter while watching the MLB All Star Game in my workshop. A full write up will be a part of my formal knife review of the Kraken which I am hard at work on behind the scenes.  Probably will be about the 3rd post coming down the pipe so stay tuned. Thanks for your patience.



  1. For the record, no. I am not going to eat the groundhog.
    I am however going to teach my daughter how to tan the hide.

  2. Jeff O. says:

    I look forward to the review. The Kraken is reminiscent of my Benchmade Bone Collector fixed blade hunting knife – same finish, similar jimping and scales, although the Kraken is a bit more squared off.

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Housekeeping/Knife Review Tease

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