I for one welcome our robot overlords…

First there was CNC machining. Then came the automatic “Knife Robot” sharpening system.  There is the forensic stabbing machine from Brazil. Now you can even find a robot to play the “knife game” with you. As simultaneously cool and creepy as this is, it still has nothing on Bishop the Android from Aliens.

From Geekologie.com:

This is a video from the folks at Irfon Automation demonstrating the precision of their Stäubli TX40 industrial robot by having it play five-finger filet with some guy’s hand. SPOILER: it never stabs him. At least not on camera. Although I assume after the camera stopped rolling it murdered everybody in the room, and this footage was found by bandits who raided the facility looking for metal scraps to sell. They then decided to try to monetize this video on Youtube. At least that’s my guess what happened, and my guesses are always right.

The video below starts fairly slow, but speeds up to a bit. Still not as fast as I can do it with a blunt pencil (I am not dumb enough to play it with an actual knife-  I have enough scars as it is.

and that is why I am not dumb enough to do it for real…


In theory, the would-be victim is never in any real danger – provided he doesn’t move his hand. Fast, accurate, repetitive actions are why robots are so valuable in modern manufacturing.

I won’t be impressed until it can do it this fast though.



  1. Arctodus says:

    Yeah it’s all fun and games until they become self-aware and …
    well, you know.

  2. Sam L. says:


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I for one welcome our robot overlords…

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