If You Like This SOG Bluto, Grab One Now

Image courtesy SOG Knives

The 2.25″ SOG Bluto hit the shelves in 2009 with a VG-10 blade and textured aluminum handles. It’s a bit smaller than my much-used Benchmade 300, with which it shares its flipper/stud opening and spring-loaded bar safety.

They’ve got an MSRP of $190, but the street price has usually been about a buck twenty-five. Je suis a bit steep for a 2.25″ knife? Probably so, but not any more…

SOG has discontinued its black and blue-handled Blutos, and the black ones have been slashed down to $79.95 at Knife Center. This almost has me reaching toward my wallet, which can be dangerous to my health. VG-10 is a steel I haven’t tested yet, and $80 ain’t bad, but I’ve got enough knives to test already without adding to my backlog.

Link here.



  1. Marmot says:

    I think you mean je pense.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      As Milton Berle didn’t say, I was never any good at conjugating.

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If You Like This SOG Bluto, Grab One Now

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