Image of the Day: Ban homicide


Meanwhile, according to the FBI there were 1,716 knife/bladed weapon homicides in 2011. The numbers in the meme are actually off slightly, the latest figures have 332/502 respectively. I am guessing that the 2014 data has a couple of more closed cases. There is a larger problem with the meme, the FBI categories are for rifles and blunt objects. The actual number of AR-15 and hammer specific homicides is lower than the category aggregate.

The meme is aimed at civilian-disarmament supporters on Facebook. It is meant to show them the logical shakiness of their position. Not only is it unlikely to matter to people suffering from the mental illness known as hoplophobia, it misses the point entirely. It doesn’t matter what inanimate object you try to ban, bans will always be circumvented by both the previously law-abiding and those who have made outlawry their chosen profession.

Fire, explosives, poison, cars (not listed)…ban them all. You can even ban water and save more than a dozen lives a year from violent drowning. Once you have done that, you can turn your attention to the 600-700 homicides that are committed using hands and feet. Let me know how that works out for you.


  1. elcas says:

    ban the hands …. or give hoplophobic a brain

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Image of the Day: Ban homicide

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