Image of the Day: Lt. Col. “Mad Jack” Churchill storms WWII beach wielding a longsword

"Mad Jack" Churchill

The image above crossed my feed this afternoon from the War History Online Facebook page. In it Lieutenant Colonel (then Major)  John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming  “Mad Jack” Churchill storms a beach in a British Commando training exercise. He can be seen in the lower right, longsword in hand, leading his men ashore.

I shared some of “Mad Jack’s” exploits in one of our “Blade-wielding bad-ass from history” earlier this year. Churchill is legendary for among other things recording the last verified longbow kill in history.

In an interesting coincidence, that post happened to be the recipient of an Instalanche. Then, as now, we are extremely grateful to the Blogfather for sending you all our way. Thank you all for visiting.

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In the interest of “paying it forward” I want to put in a plug for War History Online. I am an armchair military history junkie, and this site is among my favorite daily visits. The variety of topics they cover is astounding -everything from archaeological evidence of prehistoric conflict to the recent past. I have shared many of their pieces here, and cannot recommend them highly enough if you are into such things.

Thanks for reading.

H. Clay Aalders – TTAK Managing Editor


  1. Carlos says:

    Studies have shown that if someone chases you with a gun vs a blade, that fear on the part of the victim is greater when they see a blade. For CQC, nothing better than a short sword in my book. Especially when out of ammo.

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Image of the Day: Lt. Col. “Mad Jack” Churchill storms WWII beach wielding a longsword

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