Indiana University: More Campus Crime, More ‘Sheltering In Place’

Image courtesy University of IndianaA Saturday-night brawl and stabbing on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University prompted yet another campus-wide ‘shelter in place’ order. It was probably the most widely-ignored ‘shelter in place’ order ever, since most of the campus was already either closed or asleep at the time of the 3:30 a.m. stabbing.

As questionable as these orders are, this particular one was probably among the least objectionable ‘shelter in place’ announcements I’ve heard of recently. Unlike the FBI trying to lock down all of eastern Massachusetts (for days) in the hunt for The Brothers Tsarnaev, this one was limited in scope and reasonably tailored to the situation at hand.

The IU pseudo-lockdown was confined to a fairly discrete geographic location (the Bloomington campus), it told people to take reasonable action and stay home (nothing good happens outside after 1:00 a.m.) and it lasted less than four hours. By the time most IU college students were regaining their hungover consciousness on Sunday morning and looking for some hair ‘o the dog, police already had the perps in custody.

From USA Today:

University police arrested 18-year-old Zesen Shen and 21-year-old Kaiyu Lao, IU spokesman Mark Land said in a news release. Shen has been charged with intimidation and battery and Lao was charged with intimidation, Land said.

Police said Shen, Lao and a 20-year-old IU student were in the Tulip Tree apartment’s parking lot around 3:30 a.m., Land said. Witnesses told campus police the three were there “to resolve a dispute when the suspects began chasing victim and wounded him with a knife,” Land said.

University police Lt. Craig Munroe told the Indianapolis Star the student was stabbed in the back. The 20-year-old was taken to IU Health hospital in Bloomington with an injury that isn’t life-threatening, Land said.

The incident prompted university officials earlier Sunday to tell students to seek shelter behind locked doors. The school gave students the all clear around 7 a.m. CDT.

You read that correctly: most of the campus probably had no idea they were supposed to ‘shelter in place,’ and everything still came out fine. Just as things have mostly come out fine for the 200+ years of American history before the invention of the ‘community-wide lockdown.’

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Indiana University: More Campus Crime, More ‘Sheltering In Place’

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