InfoGraphic: Where are your knives made?


There are obviously lots of brands not represented, but this hits all the big boys.

I came across this on Twitter this morning, from the feed BestPocketKnifeToday. Nothing earth-shaking, but I thought it was informative. I didn’t for example know that Ontario made knives in Italy. At any rate, I thought it was worth a quick share. I am guiding in the morning, so I am going back to tying flies.

Stay Sharp everyone.


  1. Charles says:

    The ESEE knives made in Taiwan are only designed by ESEE. They are actually Blue Ridge knives.

    ESEE fixed blades are made in the US (Idaho Falls, ID).

  2. Jonathan Marshall says:

    This is a really neat infographic, I didn’t realize there were a couple of Russian brands.

    What really struck me is how Spyderco has set up shop in a majority of the knife manufacturing centers, followed by SOG.

  3. Roger says:

    It’s my understanding that there still are quite a few “import” Benchmades. The 2012 Lone Wolf line lists a few that are “import” in origin.

    1. knightofbob says:

      The only knife I ever lost was an import Benchmade. I thought they had pulled out of that market (also wish I still had that knife, it was huge and relatively solid).

  4. knightofbob says:

    I thought SOG was fully out of Seki. My old-school Pentagon rivals a lot of custom and hand-made knives in build quality and finish while costing five to ten times less when new. I’ve not seen anything from SOG to that standard of QC in over a decade.

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InfoGraphic: Where are your knives made?

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