Insanity: UK / Somali migrant convicted of 30+ knife crimes, awarded £80k for “excessive imprisonment”

Somali migrant Abdulrahman Mohammed

UK Taxpayers are on the hook for 80,000 pounds

The “elites” in politics and media are left dumbfounded that populism is on the rise in both Europe and America. Pro Tip: It is crap like this Somali migrant winning an £80K settlement from UK government because he wasn’t deported in a timely manner after more than 30 knife-offense convictions…

From Sun UK:

A VIOLENT Somali criminal with 30 convictions to his name has won nearly £80,000 compensation from the government after he was kept behind bars for too long.

Abdulrahman Mohammed, 39, was ruled to have been kept in prison for 445 days too long while the government tried to deport him.

The man, from Shepherd’s Bush, has been jailed more than a dozen times for crimes including affray, knife possession and multiple assaults and robberies.

But despite describing him as “a prolific and violent offender”, Judge Edward Pepperall QC has now awarded him £78,500 in compensation.

He told the High Court: “I can well understand why the Home Secretary might wish to deport him.”

But the judge ruled that Mohammed had been “falsely imprisoned” and was “entitled to justice in a civilised society”.

How much longer will England remain a “civilized society” when the once “Great” British culture is finally overrun by those who have no respect, nor use for Liberal Democratic values?

Justice would be served by charging the douchebag £80k for his plane ticket home and then kissing his ass goodbye. Better yet, give him one of those intercepted Libyan rafts and a paddle and tell him to find his own way home.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Great Britain is now Greatly Insane Britain.

  2. “The lesser of two weevils” being consumed by the greater.

  3. Roger Barnes says:

    Chip Chip Cherrio! They deported his ass, yes. Tho his destination is to France or Germany, and now he has enough money to buy guns, ammo and cover for his Jihady brothers. Jolly Good Show. Liberals cant be this stupid, i think there fucking the world up on purpose thinking they will rebuild a utopia thru the ashes! They lack knowledge on one crucial bit of intel thats avail to all for free……”The Good News”

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Insanity: UK / Somali migrant convicted of 30+ knife crimes, awarded £80k for “excessive imprisonment”

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