@Instapundit suspended by Twitter. (Update: He’s back)

First they came for Robert Stacy McCain, then Milo Yianopolous, then more. But Twitter has now moved from attacking the fringes to trying to silence one of the most respected voices from the right/libertarian blogosphere – Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds.

For those unfamiliar, Dr. Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee and purveyor of Instapundit.com. He has been a tremendous supporter of TTAK, linking us dozens of times over the years. He has done the same for countless blogs such as ours, helping us build audience and really putting us on the map.

Now it is time to step up and try to return the favor. Twitter’s censorship of voices on the right has been building and has reached the point of becoming dare I say “deplorable”?  The hashtag #freeinstapundit isn’t “trending” or autocompleting because the activist left can’t win in the arena of ideas – they must cheat to win.

If you haven’t yet become so disgusted with Twitter to quit (or never join in the first place) please tweet to @twitter or @twittersupport and include #freeinstapundit when you make your displeasure known.

I understand that Twitter is a private organization – their sandbox, their rules, but they are perfectly fine with allowing Black Lives Matter activists threaten police and call for violence.  I do not know what triggered the Blogfather’s suspension, but I am absolutely certain it wasn’t something egregious (admittedly @nero – whose suspension is permanent did cross the lines of good taste on occasion).

This is Liberal Fascism at its most naked. Please help if you are so inclined.


  1. sagebrushracer says:

    never joined twitter, I have nothing going on that I want to share with the world in 2 sentences or less.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Took on someone with too big a voice and too much support.

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@Instapundit suspended by Twitter. (Update: He’s back)

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