Irresponsible Chopstick Use of the Day: Chinese schizophrenic stabs 4, killing 3

We like to joke about hoplophobes’ desire to remove knives from society: “Will they try to ban sticks next?” That might well be something they will consider in light of this story out of China. Apparently a schizophrenic man in a mental-health facility escaped his restraints and attacked a number of fellow patients with a chopstick which was left on a table in his room. 

From Daily Mail UK:

Five minutes later after the carer left the ward, Yang started to untie the restraints on his limbs. He eventually got off the bed.

The reporter from the The Paper also said that his brother, who was looking after Yang in the hospital, went out to a nearby convenience store at that time to buy some milk powder for Yang.

The video shows Yang picking up a chopstick from a coffee table in the middle of the ward and tying one of his shoes before going into a separate room in the ward.

The surveillance camera did not capture Yang’s activities in the other room. However, The Paper claimed that there were two patients staying in the other room and both of them were diagnosed with head injuries after Yang was captured.

The two patients, surnamed Bai and Wei, later died.

At 8:30pm, Yang went up to a third patient, identified as 63-year-old Yun, and stabbed her in the head with the chopstick, as the video showed. Yun allegedly died at the scene.

Afterwards, he walked to the neighbouring bed, where a 43-year-old female patient, surnamed Zhang, slept. Yang also stabbed her in the head.

Zhang sustained injuries on her head and in her left eye. But she was the only survivor among the four whom Yang attacked.

One patient from the opposite row woke up after Yang attacked Zhang. Seconds later, two hospital carers rushed into the ward and brought Yang under control.

Scary stuff, though hardly unexpected. If it weren’t a chopstick, it could have been a lamp, a rock, or any number of blunt objects. As always it is best to focus on the attacker, a mentally-ill man, than it is to fetishize the tool he chose to use.



  1. cmeat says:

    that’s kuai zi.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Imagine what he could have done with two!

  3. Swaffelaer says:

    Perhaps he had eaten Chinese food 45 minutes prior, and was hungry again.

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Irresponsible Chopstick Use of the Day: Chinese schizophrenic stabs 4, killing 3

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