Irresponsible Knife Use? Or Pinterest win?


Hey all, I guided yesterday and coached 2 lacrosse games in the evening. I was wrecked by the time the kids went to bed last night and fell behind in writing. In an effort to reset the egg timer I bring you the image above. It just passed my feed this morning and I am both in awe and horrified at the same time.

It is a pretty amazing example of creative knife use, however…it is creepy as hell. I am having visions of an army of these things becoming animated and taking over the world. It is best not to tempt fate, or a necromancer with a dark sense of humor.

I am going to get back to work now. But I thought this was amusing and wanted to stop the crickets for a minute.

Have a great day folks.


  1. Elcas says:

    And my first thought was i wonder how I would cook it

    1. Sam L. says:

      Well, if it hasn’t been sitting out too long…

      1. cmeat says:

        deep fried for grizzly.
        convection for brown.
        late night toaster oven couch snack for black (you have to pass out until the smoke alarm sounds).
        on a stick in the freezer for polar.
        on the barbie wrapped in eucalyptus leaves for koala.
        stir fry with bamboo shoots for panda.
        or just stuff it in the duck inside the turkey. i forget what that’s called.

  2. Malcolm Aalders says:

    I keep wracking my brain for a word that encompasses both “impressed” and “terrified.”

    1. The Germans probably have one.

      1. Sam L. says:

        Schrecklich is the only word that comes to mind, and means horrible, IIRC. (It’s been a long time, and my German-English dictionary is in storage.)

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Irresponsible Knife Use? Or Pinterest win?

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