Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: Douchbag in custody after stabbing puppy


Billie Holiday, my lab, turns 12 this month.

I often get annoyed when people act more moved about the death of an animal than atrocities against humans both domestically and internationally. That said, I am feeling pretty beat-up covering all of the insanity and of the world, and tonight this just stuck in my craw. My Labrador, Billie Holiday turns 12 this month, and I am at a loss for words to describe this depravity. It is all so pointless.

A 22 year old North Carolina man, Phillip John Shoemaker, is under arrest for reportedly stabbing a puppy multiple times with a hunting knife. He has been charged with felony animal cruelty.


According to the sheriff’s office, a neighbor said she saw someone hold down a dog with their knee and stab the dog in the stomach Thursday. The neighbor said they yelled at the person to stop, but the person then stabbed the dog in the neck. When confronted, the person is accused of saying the dog’s owner gave him permission to “do away with the dog” after it bit him.

What a douchbag. Strangely, despite reading several articles on the attack, none mention if the dog survived or not.

I am going to give Billie a big hug and call it a night. I am kind of over people in general. Stay safe everyone.



  1. Sam L. says:

    There are evil people in this world.

  2. Delilah says:

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  3. Jeffro says:

    The more time I spend around people, the better I like being around my dogs!

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Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: Douchbag in custody after stabbing puppy

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