Irresponsible screwdriver use: Knoxville man arrested for pair of screwdriver holdups


Screwdrivers are tools you dumbass.

We need common-sense screwdriver control. Hardware stores should need to be a part of the NICS and potential buyers should need to fill out a form 4473. How else can we prevent criminals like Barry Warwick from using these dangerous tools? Think about the children.

Warwick was arrested Tuesday evening after using a screwdriver to hold up a pair of Knoxville convenience stores.


Investigators say a white male came into the Knoxville store at 4607 Kingston Pike with a screwdriver Monday. The clerk claims that Warwick said, “I suggest you open the register before you get hurt.”

The clerk opened the cash register and the suspect took $50, according to the report.

The suspect fled the scene in a gold sedan.

Investigators believe Warwick is connected to a robbery at the Pilot location at 6804 Clinton Highway just after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The report says the suspect demanded money from the register, but did not show a weapon.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office says Warwick was arrested by the Tennessee Highway Patrol after a short vehicle pursuit Tuesday evening.

A THP trooper spotted a vehicle illegally parked at the truck scales on Interstate-40 around 7 p.m. and approached it. Warwick sped off, but was arrested a short time later.

Warwick has a lengthy criminal history, including a 10 year stint for aggravated robbery. We must do all we can to keep screwdrivers out of the hands of people with criminal records. My scruffy adopted hometown must be protected.


  1. Sam L. says:

    My EDC screwdriver is a Leatherman, or a Gerber, or a SOG.

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Irresponsible screwdriver use: Knoxville man arrested for pair of screwdriver holdups

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