ISIS claims credit for fatal stabbing attack on Israeli border-policewoman

Hadas Malka, 23 was killed in a coordinated attack on Friday.

The Islamic State is claiming credit for an attack involving 3 Palestinians which left a 23-year-old Israeli Border Policewoman dead from multiple stab wounds. While both the Israeli Government and Hamas are disputing the claim, saying that the attackers, who were killed at the scene, were not a part of any organized group.

From TimesofIsrael:

Malka was on patrol outside the Old City walls in Jerusalem when she was attacked on Sultan Suleiman Street near Damascus Gate on Friday evening. She was stabbed in the upper torso and transferred in critical condition to Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, where she underwent emergency surgery but later succumbed to her injuries.

She fought her attacker for several seconds while attempting to draw her weapon, according to a Border Police statement. She had been in a group of troops responding to an attack seconds earlier by two other Palestinian assailants who targeted troops with knives and an automatic weapon at the adjacent Zedekiah’s Cave. All three attackers were killed.

It is often impossible to corroborate claims of this nature. It is true that the “Knife Intifada” has died down somewhat in the past 6 months or so, but by their very nature this type of attack does not require much in the way of outside support from a larger organization. If a connection to ISIS were to be established it would be a somewhat troubling development, but the truth is that when the Palestinians train kindergartners as combatants, any lone attacker or small group doesn’t need much in the way of further incitement or inspiration.

Whether or not this was an isolated attack or part of an organized effort by ISIS, Hamas, or whomever is not likely to be of much importance to Hadas or her family.

May her memory be a blessing.

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ISIS claims credit for fatal stabbing attack on Israeli border-policewoman

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