Isis claims responsibility for Russian spree-stabbing

Police shot and killed the attacker.

Deprived of its “caliphate”, Isis is lashing out in Europe. This past week has seen attacks in Spain, Finland, and now Russia.

From Yahoo News:

The Islamic State jihadist group on Saturday claimed responsibility after a man stabbed seven people on the street in a remote far northern Russian city before being shot dead by police, despite investigators saying it was probably not a terrorist attack.

“The executor of the stabbing operation in the city of Surgut in Russia is a soldier of the Islamic State,” IS propaganda outlet Amaq said in a statement, after the jihadists also claimed responsibility for twin attacks in Spain that left 14 dead.

The attack also comes a day after a stabbing spree in Finland, which left two people dead and eight others injured and is being investigated as a terrorist attack, although the assailant’s motive is unknown.

The city of Surgut lies some 2,100 kilometres (1,330 miles) northeast of Moscow and is the largest in the oil-rich Khanty-Mansi region. It does not have a large Muslim population.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes, said a man in Surgut had “carried out attacks on passers-by, causing stab wounds” on Saturday morning. It said armed police called to the scene “liquidated” the attacker.

Regional officials said seven people were taken to hospital, with the figure confirmed by investigators, who lowered an earlier toll of eight wounded.

A spokesman for regional police downplayed the possibility of a terrorist incident, telling Interfax news agency that the theory that the incident was “a terrorist (attack) is not the main one”.

I am surprised to read that Russian authorities, who are not known for obfuscating terrorism, are saying this may be “mental illness”. The UK Sun reports:

Claims have since emerged that the teen’s father, Lametulakh, was registered with Russian police as an “extremist” and was a “supporter” of radical Islam.

The suspect had previously been named locally as a 23-year-old, but news outlet media since claimed his real name was Artur, a teen from Dagestan, a strongly Muslim region of Russia in the Caucasus.

Stay safe folks.


  1. Elcas says:

    They claim responsibility for about anything….. I was almost surprised they didn’t claim responsibility for Charlottesville

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Isis claims responsibility for Russian spree-stabbing

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