ISIS Praises OSU jihadi; offers “how-to” advice in latest publication

ISIS-produced newsmagazine Rumiyah celebrates the deceased OSU jihadi, and offers advice on how to learn from his failure.

Rumiyah , a publication of the Islamic State which is geared at foreign recruitment and inspiration, praised the largely failed jihadi car and knife attack at Ohio State University. They claimed the deceased Somali invader refugee as a soldier of ISIS and a brother in arms. They offer advice to future attackers, complete with snazzy infographics on knife-choice and areas of the body to attack.

From PJ Media:

The Ohio State student waged his attack after the October issue of ISIS’ Rumiyah instructed to lone jihadists to launch random knife attacks, with a warning to pick a suitable blade for the job. The article included graphic detail, but no how-to images.

The November issue moved on to a different type of lone attack tutorial — or “just terror” attacks, as ISIS calls them — encouraging that jihadists use a heavy vehicle such as a U-Haul to plow into a crowd.

After Artan’s attack, though, ISIS apparently felt it needed to double back to the knife tutorial with simpler, illustrated instructions.


Sound advice for the prospective douchebag. 

In a full-page graphic in the new Rumiyah issue, ISIS reminds lone jihadists to aim for the neck, chest or stomach and to pick a suitable blade. To illustrate which knives not to choose, ISIS shows a butcher block of kitchen knives and a folding blade. They show “the ideal knife” as having a fixed blade, hand guard, and strong handle, as well as being of “suitable length.”

They also recommend lower-level attacks as opposed to attempting something too grandiose.

Coming next month in Rumiyah: “Best late-model vehicles for mowing down crowds” and “Gun-free zones: How to leverage liberal fantasy into maximum casualties”.



  1. Bladeslady says:

    This is one reason why I am uncomfortable in “gun-free” zones.

  2. Hannibal says:

    “Large groups: not advised.”

    That’s kinda funny.

    Also… Texas, not advised. Based on jihadi experience.

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ISIS Praises OSU jihadi; offers “how-to” advice in latest publication

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