Jihadi? Knife Attack in London wounds 4; one critically.


A paramedic works on one of the victims of last Friday’s knife attack in London.

Authorities stated Friday morning’s knife rampage outside a London supermarket had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. They made this judgement almost immediately, without investigation, and despite the fact that the individual described only as a “66 year old Man” in news reports from “reputable” news sites is named Ethem Aydin Orhon. A good English name if I have ever heard one. This hasn’t stopped “fringe” media sites such as Pamela Geller’s from making an equally definitive statement that the attack was absolutely an act of Jihad, based on little more than the fact the attacker was methodical and targeted women exclusively.

As for me, I really don’t know. I have nothing firsthand to go on. However, I resent that the media and political class both suffer from a severe case of cranial-rectal inversion – refusing to admit that a great deal of terrorism is inextricably linked to Islamism. I think both the police and many in the blogosphere are acting irresponsibly. I have a hunch, but I am not going to make a declarative statement of motive based on the shoddy reporting of the mainstream media or the word of Ms. Geller.

That said, the perpetrator is a real peach who was out on bail for assaulting a member of the Crown’s constabulary just hours before.

From Sun.co.uk:

A 62-year-old woman is still fighting for her life in hospital after she and three other women, aged 53, 67 and 71, were knifed in a supermarket car park in posh West London.

Shocking pictures show a victim being treated outside the local police station after staggering there having been brutally knifed at the nearby store.

 It has now emerged that the stabbing suspect had been arrested on Thursday (yesterday) on suspicion of being in possession of a knife and assaulting a police constable.

But he was released from custody on Friday morning – just hours before the knife attack – ahead of a court appearance next month…

…Ben Brady, 30, who owns Jen’s Salon next door to where one of the victims was treated, said the first victim was stabbed by the pub before the attacker moved on to another area of the car park.

“She had no idea what was going on,” he added.

Mr Brady said the man was “waving a knife” and then approached women as they were getting out of their cars.

“I went over to see if I could help the ladies and that’s when the police came.”

An eyewitness described the scene as “horrific” and said she saw the victims lying on the floor bleeding.

She told ITV London: “I could see bodies lying on the ground. There was an elderly lady just lying down beside the police station. I tried to help, she had the police there and paramedics.

“I could see this poor lady with blood coming out of all different parts of her body.”

She said one of the victims was her neighbour, Janice, and added: “She was stabbed three times in the chest, back and arm.”

A member of staff at the nearby Hampton Pub said the knife man was only targeting women in the unprovoked attack.

As I said, I have my suspicions, but I wish that there were reliable voices in the media to actually tell me the facts. Stay tuned, if the evidence becomes too great to obfuscate, I will bring you the details. Meanwhile, Ethem Aydin Orhon has been arraigned and remanded to custody. He is due in court June 17th.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Absence of names and description of the assailant, we have learned, is the TELL that the assailant is of a protected class. Our media have taught us to read them as the Russians learned to read Isvestia, Pravda, and Tass–from what is left out.

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Jihadi? Knife Attack in London wounds 4; one critically.

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