Jihadi shot dead after Paris stabbing spree kills 1, wounds 4.

paris knife attack

A “bearded individual” shouting the Jihadi mating call killed 1 and wounded at least 4 others in a stabbing spree in Paris. It happened in a busy Opera and dining district, and only patrons barricading doors prevented even more carnage. As it turns out, precisely administered lead-therapy was the prescription for removing the Cancer, it is a shame that when seconds counted, the treatment was minutes away.

From IndependentUK:

“First we thought it was two guys fighting,” said Fiona, who was having dinner in Kintaro restaurant and did not want her second name published.

“People that were queueing outside ran into the restaurant screaming, so everyone panicked and threw themselves on the floor.”

Fiona said the same man came back with the knife minutes later and was “screaming Allahu akbar”.

“Some guys including my friend blocked the door in case he would try to enter,” she added…

…Yvan Assioma, the regional secretary of the Police Alliance, said officers who arrived first on the scene were threatened by a “bearded individual”.

He said an officer used his taser on the attacker before he was shot by his colleague.

The multiple stabbing was launched at around 9pm local time (8pm BST) in the Opera district of the French capital.

Francois Molins, the Paris prosecutor, said the attack was being investigated as terrorism.

I am glad to hear that neither the authorities or the media are trying to obfuscate this one. Though I am sure that is small consolation to the victims.




  1. Sam L. says:

    “Jihadi shot dead.”


  2. cmeat says:

    unnecessary use of force. frog police should have utilized the chicago police deescalation manual.

    1. Sam L. says:

      What is the Chicago deescalation manual’s technique?

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Jihadi shot dead after Paris stabbing spree kills 1, wounds 4.

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