Joerg Sprave busts Katana myths, and more sword videos

I wouldn’t read too much into the veracity of these tests, there are quite a few other swords on the spectrum between a katana and his $10 homemade “orc” sword. I am sure one of them could also slice a tatami mat. Plus Joerg’s technique could use some work. He used brute strength and a straight smash cut. If he had used a more drawing motion, he might have succeeded in slicing the mat with his orc sword.

But like all of his videos it is amusing and well produced.

This clip from the History Channel is an interesting side-by-side comparison. Pretty general information, but more slicing and smashing, so it has that going for it.

Oh, and the super slo-mo footage of cleaving cabbage was really cool.

I found getting sucked down the rabbit hole and came across this one as well. Schola Gladiatoria’s Matt Easton, unlike Jorge Sprave and the Gunny, is actually a trained swordsman and an expert on medieval combat. This is tangentially related to the videos above as he explains the pros and cons of the katana against various European sword.

Just some sword-love to help you through your wednesday.


  1. Jason says:

    The only thing I have to say is I want that hot-tub..

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Joerg Sprave busts Katana myths, and more sword videos

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