Joerg Sprave makes a Viking Sword…from plywood

Joerg Sprave makes a viking sword

As I mentioned in last night’s Open Thread, I am trying to clear the decks of a bunch of backlogged links before engaging in SHOT Show coverage in the coming week.

I was on the fence whether or not to make this a standalone post, but the fact that it can be a Sunday Funny put it over the edge.

I know that Joerg has a minute long commercial for the Vikings video game at the open of this clip, but I am ok with this for a couple of reasons.

First, I thought his description was hysterical. If Joerg needs to raise money, he should video himself reading a story to kindergartners. Can you imagine him voicing the Big Bad Wolf? Comedy gold.

Which brings me to my second and more serious point. YouTube has made it extremely hard for knife and firearms related channels to monetize their videos. No money, no production. the community withers on the hoplophobic vine. The sword challenge came from the folks at the game, who are an outside sponsor of his channel.

Joerg has found himself the target of a coordinated attack over several of his videos, including the Daily Mail’s seemingly personal vendetta against the guy., so I don’t mind indulging him as he tries to pay a few bills. He has provided all of us with so much amusement over the years, I figure it is the least I can do. Jump forward a minute if you want to get to the sword itself.





  1. cmeat says:

    given the opportunity to recreate the role of the woodsman in the stage play, how would joerg dispatch the wolf? maybe he has a slingshot axe…

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Joerg Sprave makes a Viking Sword…from plywood

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