Just arrived for testing: Minuteman/GTI Adjutant neck-knife

It was only a couple of days ago when I learned of the Minuteman Watch Company collaboration with Gingrich Tactical Innovations. The fruit of this partnership is the new Adjutant neck-knife.

The Adjutant is a 6″ Overall knife with G10 scales (Kirinite or non-scaled/skeltonized versions also available), and a 2.5″ 154CM blade.

From Minuteman Adjutant product page:

Minuteman has teamed up with former Army Ranger Justin Gingrich at Gingrich Tactical Innovations to offer you this high quality American made knife.

For those of you who don’t know Minuteman donates 25% of our annual net profits to charities like the Gary Sinise Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and Fisher House.

There is also a lengthy bio of designer Justin Gingrich at the above link.

My first impression of the Adjutant is that it is a solid little knife. Unlike the KnifeArt Razorback or Helle Mandra which I have recently reviewed, I am comfortable calling the Adjutant a true neck knife. The other two were too large and awkward to carry in a neck-sheath (they were both excellent as small belt-carried fixed-blades).

I have been wearing the Adjutant since it arrived this afternoon, and it is much more comfortable for neck-carry. It fits inside the shirt without too much printing, and it isn’t so heavy of a pendulum when worn on the outside.

It arrives “show-sharp” and needed a bit of work to put a real edge on it. For whatever reason the Sharpmaker didn’t like this knife, but the WorkSharp Guided Sharpening System put a newsprint-shaving edge on the knife with a little work.

I have been on a small fixed-blade kick lately, and I am very excited to test this one. Plenty of more to come.


  1. cmeat says:

    i just obtained three crkt minimalists, a drop, a clip and a tanto, in an online auction.
    useful and easy to bring along, for sure.

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Just arrived for testing: Minuteman/GTI Adjutant neck-knife

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