Just Arrived For Testing: Robson X-46 Utility Survival Knife

Image: Chris Dumm

You asked for more fixed-blade knife reviews and more survival knife reviews, and we’re set to give you a twofer. This pink camo cerakote finish might look like Pepto-Bismol, but the Robson X-46 Utility Survival Knife is no bladed dainty. In fact it’s a beast: 17 ounces of A2 tool steel milled into a razor-sharp 5″ drop point blade that’s thicker and stronger than a Harbor Freight prybar. The X-46 sneers at your full-tang Beckers and Cold Steels: its 1/4″ thick blade and hollow handle are milled from a single piece of tool steel. If you don’t mind risking a bit of blade damage, you could probably use it to dissect an F-16 fuselage . . .

Image: Chris Dumm

Like the intriguing Farson Survival Blade, this knife showed up just too late to join me on my first camping trip of the season. It doesn’t matter whether Alannis Morissette would call this timing ‘ironic,’ or merely ‘unfortunate.’

It just means I need to go camping again, and soon.


  1. Steve in MA says:

    A toothpick is stronger than a harbor freight prybar. Cool knife though

  2. SigGuy says:

    Looks like a beast, but for the price I would rather have an ESEE 5

  3. Aharon says:

    This is probably a near perfect knife sans color. It’s $435 at Amazon. I can buy three good near great, reliable, and effective knives for less than $450.

  4. Nathan says:

    Yea, the price turns me away

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Just Arrived For Testing: Robson X-46 Utility Survival Knife

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