Just Arrived From Cold Steel: Mackinac Hunter and Lone Star Hunter

Image: Chris Dumm

The Knife Fairy (AKA FedEx) came to my house today and left me a pair of the beefiest folding hunters I’ve handled in a long time. Cold Steel’s Lone Star Hunter (top) and Mackinac Hunter (bottom) both feature thick AUS-8 stainless blades with thumb studs, solid stainless-steel liners, faux-stag Delrin scales, reversible tip-up pocket clips, and Cold Steel’s reputedly indestructible Tri-Ad lock.

Image: Chris Dumm

The Lone Star Hunter has a 4-inch Texas clip point blade with a flat grind, and just a little playing with it has already shown it to be a fearsomely efficient cutter. Compared to most of my sub-3″ EDC knives, this thing feels like a folding sword. Which ain’t to say it couldn’t be an EDC knife if local laws permitted, once the action loosens up a little.

Image: Chris Dumm

The technically-similar Mackinac Hunter has a more traditional 3.5″clip-point blade with a deep hollow grind and a swedge at the tip. The blade resembles that of a Buck 110 with a deeper clip and a thumb stud instead of a nail nick opener.

Cold Steel put a damned sharp grind on these knives; right out of the box they were only slightly less keen than the Scandi-grind Mora knives. I’m only going to review one of these knives and I don’t even know which one yet, because Clay Aalders will get to pick his favorite first. A Cold Steel folder is a completely inadequate expression of my thanks for all his reviews and articles, but I hope it’s only the first of many.

Update: Clay picked the Mackinac Hunter; a wise choice. Not that there are any foolish choices when it comes to free Cold Steel.


  1. Yunus. says:

    This knife is really awesome.
    Your pics are also in high quality.
    Thanks for the good work.

  2. Hryan says:

    Any chance you can give a more detailed first impression? The Mackinac Hunter is on sale right now from Coldsteel.com and was wondering if I should just buy it before it goes off.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      My very brief impression is that it’s an insanely overbuilt alternative to the Buck 110, but the scales aren’t as grippy as I’d like. Beyond that, you’ll have to hang on for Clay’s review.

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Just Arrived From Cold Steel: Mackinac Hunter and Lone Star Hunter

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