Keep Calm and Bleed Out: UK records machete attack every 90 minutes

UK Machete Attacks

When they are not using their machetes to pull off jewelry heists in broad daylight, thugs in the UK are assaulting people with them – to the tune of one machete attack every 90 minutes throughout the country.

From Daily Mail UK:

The shocking statistics come after Home Secretary Amber Rudd launched the Government’s long-awaited Serious Violence Strategy, which aims to tackle knife crime, earlier this week.

It came amid a shooting and stabbing spree that has claimed 56 lives in London so far this year.

Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests show that in the last two months of 2017 police dealt with 928 crimes involving machetes. This is an average of 15 a day – or one every 90 minutes.

London saw 425 of the attacks, with 99 in Greater Manchester, 77 in the West Midlands and 29 each in Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

It represents a dramatic rise from just three years before, when the deadly blades were used in only 100 crimes a month over the same period.

The machete was originally intended as a tool used to cut undergrowth or sugar cane in Latin America and Africa.

Critics say they have little legitimate use in the UK, but they are not on a list of banned blades such as butterfly or flick-knives.

It is slightly ironic that “zombie knives” are banned in the UK, while a machete is one of my Melee Weapons of Choice should the Zombie Apocalypse actually occur.

But that is just me.






  1. Sam L. says:

    “It’s not an easily concealable weapon” is about the best thing I can say about this.

  2. Sam says:

    But at least they dont have very much GUN crime! So there, take that America.
    And I’m sure this recent dramatic increase in machete attacks has no relation at ALL to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from third world countries flooding the nation (and besides, if it did, it’s actually the fault of British people who weren’t welcoming enough to them, not the poor immigrants themselves, who are all just innocent victims, etc, ad nasuem).
    I can just see it now, all those thousands of people walking around with concealed machetes strapped to their hips, ready to assault the first person they can find an excuse to assault….they really need to ban these, quick. And then parangs, bolos….I’m sure kukhris are already no bueno….and then they’d better move on to billhooks, garden shears, box cutters, scissors, sharp sticks….the list will just keep expanding as things progress and criminal gangs keep finding new weapons to use.

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Keep Calm and Bleed Out: UK records machete attack every 90 minutes

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