Kershaw: We’ll Replace Your Broken Blade For $10

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I haven’t done it yet, but we’re all likely to snap the tip off of a pocketknife someday. If it’s a good-quality pocketknife (and it probably will be if you’re bothering to read this) you’ll curse and grumble and be pissed off for a while. If you only snapped off the very tip, you might try to re-grind it yourself on a disk grinder or belt sander. Your mileage, of course, may vary. But if that knife is a Kershaw folder, that “oh, s#it” moment might only cost you a measly Hamilton and a couple of weeks down-time . . .

However you manage to break it, Kershaw promises to replace your folder’s blade with a similar blade of the same steel as the original, for ten dollars. That’s right: they’ll even swap out a broken S30V Blur or Leek blade for ten bucks. There’s no way they’re not losing money on that, so God bless ’em for great customer service.

There’s really no ‘catch’ to Kershaw’s offer, but there are limits. It only applies to folding knives that are still in production (no fixed blades), and it doesn’t apply to factory second knives with ‘XXXX’ markings. The replacement blades will come back to you unengraved and uncoated, but who’s gonna gripe about that for ten dollars?

Hey Farago, what was the brand of that fancy knife you snapped a while back?


  1. Matt in FL says:

    Kershaw customer service has been good to me. I broke the assist spring on my Leek, they would send me a new one, or fix it themselves if I sent it in, either way it was free. When the main (hinge) screw on my Chive walked away somehow, they sent me a whole “screw pack,” with all the screws and washers and shims for the whole knife, free of charge. When a month later, I somehow broke the safety catch on that same Chive, again, replaced at no charge.

  2. Lee says:

    My kershaw blur once fell out of my pocket as I got into my car. I found it the next day, thoroughly messed up after being run over. I sent it in to kershaw hoping that I could get some kind of subsidized replacement and to my surprise they just mailed me a new one.

  3. Robert Farago says:

    You can’t buy publicity like that. You have to earn it.

  4. pastubbs says:

    They replaced the S35VN blade on my 0550 for $10, that says a lot about their customer service/loyalty.

  5. Thomas M. says:

    Kershaw reground the blade on my Leek 1660TSW after I broke the tip off. Since it’s a limited edition reverse tanto blade made with 14c28 steel, they didn’t have any more to give me. They offered me a normal blade, or a regrind. I went with the new profile. The blade barely catches the safety now, but that’s no problem as I typically remove the safety from my leeks.

    I’ve tried carrying other leeks, but I keep coming back to the 1660TSW as my EDC blade.

  6. Bruce E Warren says:

    We ( I ) have a Boy Scout knife that I have had for more years than I like to admit? One blade ( broken) dress knife with logo on out side of handle only, can I ( we ) get a new blade of any sort put on it? If any one can help in this matter THANKS Bruce&DonnaWarren P.S.if I ( we ) can find someone to fix my ( our ) knife SHE said I ( we ) could tell everyone how I !!! Broke it ( get it ) ???????

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Do I have to call them to get a new blade or is there somewhere I can order on?

  8. Katherine Allen says:

    I need a 1660st blade. How can I get one?

  9. Richard Wood says:

    Do u have replacement blades for 1620H3, Ken onion design?

  10. my Kershaw knife blade is bent bad. it needs to be replace . where can I send it to have this repair done , and any other repair that maybe needed. thanks .

  11. mark apodaca says:

    how do we get a replacment blade

  12. ALAN MARCHANT says:

    I need to replace my Leek 1660 blade. What do I need to do?

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Kershaw: We’ll Replace Your Broken Blade For $10

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