Kickstarter Camaign: The Urban Kukri

Urban Kukri

Now on Kickstarter: The Urban Kukri

People ask me to share Kickstarter campaigns all the time. I think crowdfunding is a great thing as large companies are often afraid to take risks. But, if the people want something, they will fund it. A campaign for the Urban Kukri kicked off today, and the concept has me a bit baffled. At the time of this writing, it is more than halfway to its $12,000 goal.

Typically, a kukri is a chopping and slashing tool. David describes its use quite well in this piece. The prototype Urban Kukri is meant to be an EDC blade. It is a tabbed friction folder, with the trademark kukri bend to the blade. What advantage this poses in an EDC is a mystery to me.

It is available is chrome and copper versions, and three sizes. Whether or not it is an advancement of function is debatable, but it does look to be a nice piece of machining.

From Konstantin Shaporenko’s Kickstarter campaign:

Collection Urban Kukri knife family was originally created according to the classical scenario: to create a pocket knife with a unique cutting edge, an elementary friction mechanism. I demonstrated a prototype to experts and aesthetes. 

And then we discovered a unique property of knives – the ability to stand on any surface steadily. All agreed on the opinion that knives are like soldiers. I’ve already done enough and, having built knives on the table, suddenly realized that the army was in front of me. The concept evolved, and the whole world of Urban Kukri was born. 

At some point, one of the fans of our work asked: “And for whom are all these knife soldiers going?” And we created the Gods of the World Urban Kukri. These are sculptures made of stone and metal, in the form of heads of leaders. 

The first sample we created for a specific backer, but the process so captured me as the author that I decided to create three more gods-leaders, and maybe there will be someone who wants to have such a thing in his interior.At the last stage, we realized that our Urban Kukri World should have its own sound, since without a combat march any soldier is difficult. So our stretch goal – Vargan was born. 

Vargan will get every backer if we reach our goal. 

Now the kickstarter is holding a competition and we think that we are approaching all conditions. 

Backers actively participated in the development of the project, sculptures and vargan created under the wishes of specific backers.

  • The simplest folding knife in the world!
  • The latest visual games in the office.
  • Steel in combination with the original materials that were used at the dawn of industrialization.
  • This knife is not just a tool, but a sculpture.
  • This knife is not just a tool, it’s a memory.
  • This knife is not just an instrument, but there are eternal material and spiritual values created by the people.
  • This knife is like the armor of a higher mind.



Ever since this product was brought to my attention, I have been having Seinfeld flashbacks…

The Urban Sombrero


Apparently, the Urban Sombrero is not just a fictional plot item, it is an actual thing. Ironically, thanks to Kickstarter. The real-life J. Peterman, who does in fact own a catalog company, launched his own campaign in 2016 to bring the Urban Sombrero to life. It is an interesting story, but a little bit too far off topic to dive into further here. You can read more here.





  1. Sam L. says:

    A Friction-Folder Kukri… Not a chopper, then. Looks cool, but I’m not quite able to wrap my mind around the concept.

  2. Griff says:

    That’s kind of bizarre.I guess if you’re a collector of strange objects…

  3. Chase M. says:

    Where’s cmeat when you need him?

  4. Brad Ford says:

    It might be a way to get around certain knife laws that apply to fixed blades?

  5. cmeat says:

    “know you’re never just a hat you know…”

    i think maybe “shaporenko” explains some of this. apparently knives have a unique ability to stand on any surface.
    “…and maybe there will be someone who wants to have such a thing in his interior.” yeah, they’re called cutters.
    it’s those visual office games that make me wish i had the armor of a higher mind. until then, i’ll have to be satisfied with eye bleach.
    i fear if i’m ever exposed to whatever the hell “vargan” is i’ll need the ear bleach.

  6. Sergey says:

    This is a great knife! It looks great and has nice shapes. I’m just delighted.

  7. German says:

    This is a prehistoric knife in modern design. As a knife it is average, as the design object is very cool done.

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Kickstarter Camaign: The Urban Kukri

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