KKK Wizard arrested following stabbing of fellow Klansman


William Hagen, 50, from the Trump-supporting state of California was arrested for stabbing a fellow Klansman in the chest.

I want to start by making a few things clear. First, the racist fringe supporting Trump and the Republicans are no more representative of the 60+ million people who voted for Trump than the racist fringe on the left is representative of the 60+ million folks who voted for Hildebeast. Second, it is possible to be concerned with our immigration chaos without harboring any racist views about the people doing the immigrating. White Supremacy is wrong, Black Supremacy is wrong, Muslim Supremacy is wrong. Period.

Given my first point, it annoys me that the media seeks out fringe lunatics and attempts to paint them as the mainstream of those supporting the President-elect. So take the tone of this Daily Mail piece with a grain of salt. That said, feel free to engage in schadenfreude that this particular crew of racist douchebags turned its malice inward leading to multiple arrests.


Imperial Wizard Christopher Barker was charged as an accessory.

From DailyMailUK:

The leader of a Ku Klux Klan branch missed his own Donald Trump victory parade because he was in a jail cell, arrested after a planning meeting descended into violence.

Dozens of KKK members drove through rural North Carolina on Saturday, giving Nazi salutes and shouting: ‘White power.’

The event attracted nationwide publicity after details were posted online announcing it as a celebration of Mr Trump’s victory.

However, its organizer, Chris Barker, 37, Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Nights in North Carolina, was not present after he was arrested in connection with a stabbing.

Michael Welch, sheriff of Caswell County, said Barker was one of two men detained after a stabbing victim was dumped in the lobby of his office complex in the early hours of Saturday morning.

‘The victim Richard Dillon told investigators that he had been at the residence of Christopher Eugene Barker due to a Ku Klux Klan meeting when the altercation took place,’ he said.

A police officer told the Burlington Times News that Barker had urged on William Hagen, 50, of Indiana, in the attack and had kicked the victim as he fell to the ground at his home.

He was arrested after officers raided Barker’s home just outside Yanceyville and charged with aiding and abetting assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury.

Stupid is as stupid does.

It does give me a chance to share this again though…


  1. Disgusted moderate says:

    Both liberals and conservatives have their own special blend of racism.

    But if you can’t admit that conservatives have more of a racist fringe than liberals, you’re lying to yourself.

    Liberals can do some racist bullshit when they’re ready, there’s no doubt about that; but there’s no liberal equivalent to the KKK.

    That’s a conservative problem. And conservative denial just makes things worse.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I suspect there are more BLM members than KKK members, DG, though I have no way to find out. Don’t forget the KKK was big in the South when the South was run by Democrats. Not that the KKK wasn’t elsewhere; I’ve read it was big in Oregon in the ’20s.

  3. Paul Rain says:

    Sam L: Ah, stop it with the ‘dems are the real racists’- it doesn’t convince anyone and doesn’t serve any purpose.

    It’s a bit more relevant that this stabbing probably involved two federal informants- there is noone else still in the KKK.

    I don’t know about the KKK in Oregon, but certainly most places that had any level of diversity in the early 20th century had some sort of similar organisation opposed to Masons, sectarian churches, etc.

  4. Disgusted moderate says:

    I know many conservatives have been persuaded that Black Lives Matter is the new KKK, but I have some news:

    It ain’t true.

    It’s lies spread by a sensationalistic media who want to keep you nervous and divided.

    BLM has no platform of racial hatred. No history of mass murder. No philosophy of racial separation. In fact, all the things that mark the KKK, are absent from BLM.

    Yes, there are some BLM supporters who have behaved badly; but people kill each other over football teams. You can’t judge any organization solely by what some crazy has done.

    America has a long, long history of demonizing anyone who speaks up against institutional racism. It’s happening again with BLM. Don’t be fooled like so many conservatives are.

    Black lives matter. Give them a fair shake.


  5. Disgusted moderate says:

    Oh, and I’ve never understood this tendency to point at other people when someone points out a real problem that needs to be addressed.

    If I tell you you’ve pooped your pants, it doesn’t really make sense for you to tell me about how dirty liberals’ houses are.

    I mean, I can even agree with you. Liberals are racist as hell, OK? In that smarmy hypocritical way that liberals have.

    But after you’ve finished changing the subject, you’re still standing around in a stinky poopy pants that you refuse to change.

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KKK Wizard arrested following stabbing of fellow Klansman

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