Knife falls from packaging of children’s Christmas toy; mother shocked.

2 turtle-doves and a shank under my Xmas tree…

In a sense this is a bit of a big nothing-burger and the reaction is a bit pearl-clutchy. But it is still of minor interest on a slow news day. A New York woman got a bit of a Christmas surprise this week when she was unpackaging a her 2 year old’s toy. What looked to be a prison-shank fell out.

From PostStar:

“It just fell out of the package as we were opening it,” (Jessica) LeBlanc said.

No one was hurt, but LeBlanc said that could have been different if a child had opened the package.

The family later determined that the toy had been purchased at Rite Aid on Upper Glen Street in Queensbury, and notified police. LeBlanc said she also contacted the manufacturer of the toy as well as Rite Aid.

Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Stockdale said the Sheriff’s Office reached out to the company to try to figure out from where the blade came.

Stockdale said it probably wasn’t put there by someone with bad intentions, but likely was used by someone during the manufacturing, packing or shipping process.

 LeBlanc said she went to the media about the matter because she wanted parents to be aware of the potential issue.

“Parents should check toys before giving it to a child, it could save someone from being hurt,” she said.

This is a bit of a one-off. Out of billions of Christmas presents opened worldwide over the years, this is the only instance I have been able to find. Even the classic “razor in a Halloween apple” is nothing but an urban legend, and that one gets a lot more play.

My vote is with innocent mistake. When I was building boats at Hyde in Idaho, we had dozens of tape-wrapped razor-blades lying around. It would be pretty easy to accidentally leave one behind in a boat or have it  fall into a package at the shipping station.


  1. boardsnbikes says:

    While working retail I found two shanks, one a taped knife and the other a taped utility blade, in a box from a distribution center. The distribution center had persistent staffing issues and would hire former inmates to fill positions. I guess people prefer to use familiar tools.

    An innocent mistake and nothing really nothing to worry about. The crudeness of the knives didn’t worry me.

  2. John Dennis says:

    That’s what my first knife looked like when I was 6. Made it myself.

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Knife falls from packaging of children’s Christmas toy; mother shocked.

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