Knife fight on German train injures four.


(image via Daily Caller)

Details are still sketchy, but there was an incident which police are describing as a “knife fight” took place Saturday evening aboard a German train.

From Daily Caller:

At about 5:40 p.m. local time, four young males aged 16 to 18 were injured after some kind of argument, Hessenschau reports. The attacker is still on the run, and his identity is unknown.

After the attack, there was more news of trouble on German trains, when two passengers on a train between Hauptwache and Taunusanlage got into a conflict and ended up injuring five other people on the train by breaking a window.

These stories come as there is increased concern about rising crime in Germany — specifically migrant crime. A German police report released earlier this year tied 69,000 planned or completed crimes in just three months to migrants.

(At least 4 people were injured in a knife fight in . All 4 are currently in the hospital.)

While there is no indication that either of these incidents is actually terrorism, Germans are tooling up because of the invasion migrant crisis. Some areas of Germany are reporting a 3-fold increase in gun sales. Not that most Germans are allowed to carry outside the home. German knife laws are pretty draconian as well.


  1. Sam L. says:

    One would presume, given NO information/description of the people involved, that they are of a protected group. We now read such reports as the Soviets read Tass, Izvestia, and Pravda by what was left out.

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Knife fight on German train injures four.

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