Most Knife-Friendly States – Knife Depot ranks the Top 10

most knife-friendly states

Do you live in one of the Top 10 most knife-friendly states?

Does your state make Knife Depot’s Top 10 list of most Knife-Friendly States?

Like most listicles, the rankings are fairly subjective, but there are objective elements as well.

The truth is nearly all of these states are nearly equal in terms of knife-friendly laws. They all have statewide preemption clauses that prevent individual municipalities from issuing their own knife laws and they all have very little restrictions.

Like I said, the order is somewhat arbitrary but it breaks down into two tiers. The first three states mentioned have a preemption law but “little quirks” as (Knife Rights’ Chairman Doug) Ritter puts it. The next seven have preemption with nearly no restrictions. The order of the states in each tier could easily be reversed with no complaints from me.

Also, there are many other states that have knife-friendly laws with little to no restrictions but may not yet have preemption.

While I am proud to say that Knife Depot lists my adopted home-state of Tennessee as the most knife-friendly, I was surprised to see that Doug Ritter, Chairman of Knife Rights, disagrees.

Although Evan Nappen (author of “Knife Laws of the U.S”) and others have Tennessee as the friendliest also, Ritter told me that he would put Tennessee at seven on a list of 10 because in order to get the laws passed, they had to promise that anyone caught committing a serious crime with a switchblade would face a double sentence.

I am personally thrilled I can carry my 4.5″ fixed blade Kim Breed, my autos, or if I owned one and desired – a full-sized Scottish Claymore, pretty much anywhere I wish at any time. It is good to live in one of the most knife-friendly states, no matter what the exact position.

Thank you to Knife Rights and all others who have worked so hard to make it so.



  1. Snatchums says:

    Yeah my state has 0 laws regarding knives but no preemption for them. We do however have preemption for gun laws. This makes for an interesting situation, virtually the entire state regards knives of any type (auto, balisong, gravity) or length (rock on with that Claymore) the same as you would a hammer or screwdriver, deadly weapons if you attack someone with it but otherwise inert tools. The city I live in does have some kind of concealed weapon law that I haven’t been able to find any detailed analysis of. It’s an interesting situation because that concealed weapon law would apply to guns if it weren’t for the preemption of guns, and only guns. Additionally the permit for carrying a concealed gun says specifically “pistol” not “weapon”. Therefore I’m left in the unpleasant situation of not really knowing if my knives that I carry on a daily basis are legal in my hometown.

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Most Knife-Friendly States – Knife Depot ranks the Top 10

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