Knife Intifada flares up in Israel: Multiple attacks with knives and a car


A palestinian terrorist rammed his truck into a bus stop today, injuring several people. (photo via Bloomberg)

We have been posting less about the Palestinian Knife Intifada in Israel lately. There are a several reasons for this. For one thing Islamists have taken that show on the road with knife attacks becoming a regular thing across Europe as well. Also, the number of multi-attack days has decreased significantly in recent months. This changed Friday, with 3 attacks taking place involving not only stabbings, but with a car ramming a bus stop as well.


Multiple attacks on a single day have become less common in recent months, making the three on Friday unusual. In the first assault, a Jordanian man tried to stab police officers at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said in a text message. The attacker was shot and killed, he said.

Hours later, Palestinian assailants rammed a vehicle into a bus stop at a junction near the Kiryat Arba settlement in the West Bank, wounding three Israeli civilians, the military said.

Soldiers fired at the vehicle, killing one of the attackers and wounding the other, it said in a statement. A knife was found in the vehicle, it said.

In late afternoon, a Palestinian man armed with a knife stabbed an Israeli soldier, and was shot to death by troops at the scene, the military said.

The flareup came amid a relative lull in a wave of lone wolf attacks against Israelis that erupted about a year ago. Palestinians have attributed the violence to frustration over continued Israeli occupation of lands they claim for a state, while the Israeli government has put the blame on incitement magnified through social media.

I imagine that the lopsided death toll played a part in the Pallywogs reevaluating their tactics to some degree. I doubt it is because they have run out of gullible patsies since they are constantly “educating” new ones.

As always I find the choice of tools worth noting. As we have seen, vehicles are frequently used by Islamists as tools of terror – both in Israel and most spectacularly in Nice, France. But a vehicle can also be used to thwart an attack. Likewise, knives in the hands of terrorists can cause unspeakable horror, yet are used by billions of peaceful people every day with nothing more than the occasional cut finger as a result.


It has been a while since I have shared this.  It always makes me laugh:


  1. cmeat says:

    fwiw: after watching klavan’s video above, some audio portion continued even after continuing to the next ttak posting. within a few minutes i had migrated over to ttag, with a hard m’soft crash occurring almost immediately.
    perhaps that video is unstable; who knows, i suppose it’s content might be construed as controversial or offensive to some. those dos prompt screens are frightening though. just a warning to be careful.

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Knife Intifada flares up in Israel: Multiple attacks with knives and a car

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