Knife Rights Action Alert: Texas “Illegal Knife” repeal bill headed for a committee vote


It is perhaps the greatest knife-law irony that it is illegal to carry the iconic Bowie knife in the State of Texas. That might be about to change, thanks to the folks at Knife Rights. While they were successful in their 2015 bid to pass a preemption law in Texas, carrying certain knives remained illegal under state law.

Now a bill to repeal this prohibition looks to be headed for a committee vote, as early as next week, and Knife Rights is asking those who live, work, or travel in the Lone Star State to please contact members of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and ask them (politely of course) to please advance the bill.

From Knife Rights:

Knife Rights’ Texas “Illegal Knife” Repeal Bill Vote
Call or Email TODAY!

Knife Rights’ bipartisan Texas Knife Law Reform Bill, HB 1935, that would repeal the ban on all “illegal knives” in Texas statutes could be voted on by the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee as early as Monday April 17th. It is important to call and email the members of the committee so that they are aware of the importance of this bill to the public.

If you live, work or travel in Texas, please contact the committee members TODAY and politely ask them to “please vote “YES” on HB 1935.”  That’s all you need to do, short and simple.

You can easily send an email to all the members of the Committee using Knife Rights new Legislative Action Center:  Click here to send emails to the Committee

Or phone:
Chairman Joe Moody: (512) 463-0728
Vice Chair Todd Hunter: (512) 463-0672
Rep. Terry Canales: (512) 463-0426
Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins: (512) 463-0708
Rep. Cole Hefner: (512) 463-0271
Rep. Mike Lang: (512) 463-0656
Rep. Terry Wilson: (512) 463-0309
Sponsored by Representative John Frullo with co-sponsor Rep. Harold Dutton, HB 1935 would complete Knife Rights’ efforts to bring knife freedom to Texas by removing entirely the definition of “illegal knife” in Section 46.01(6) of the Penal Code. This includes the prohibition on double edge blades, Bowie knives and the 5.5-inch carry limit.


  1. Arctodus says:

    Tennessee passed a law a couple years ago that allows anything you want to carry. Any size, any style. Open or concealed.
    The trade off was tougher penalties for committing a crime with a knife. Fine with me.
    I moved back to Texas less than a year later, of course. lol

  2. Ron Crocker says:

    I totally agree, increase penalties for crimes with a knife but allow carry, period.

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Knife Rights Action Alert: Texas “Illegal Knife” repeal bill headed for a committee vote

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