Knife Rights announces Ultimate Steel 2018

Ultimate Steel 2018

It is that time of year again folks, Knife Rights has announced their annual mega-fundraiser, Ultimate Steel 2018 Spectacular. As always, there are a whole host of potential prizes with a combined value of over $175,000 . There are autographed pistols and knives, limited edition knives, one-of-a-kind customs, as well as sharpeners, packs, and other accessories. You can see the entire list of prizes here.

Each $20 donation gets you an entry in the drawing. At $60, you start to accrue bonus entries and receive an annual Knife Rights membership/renewal. At $100, get 4 free entries for a total of 9 plus you start to get steel sent your way. (while supplies last)

  • ($100 level) Kizer Kesmek  9 total entries
  • ($200 level)SOG Ultra C-Ti  22 total entries
  • ($300 level) Spyderco Native5 Lightweight  37 total entries
  • ($400 level) Colonial Nemesis 60 total entries
  • ($500 level) Cold Steel Swift II 90 total entries
  • ($1000 level) Hogue Damascus/CF A01 Microswitch  150 total entries

There is also an Early Bird drawing with $35k in prizes. Entries unselected and even those that win (yes you can win twice on the same entry) will be rolled into the primary drawing. You can see the list here. Deadline for Early Bird drawing is May 15th.

This is the biggest fundraiser Knife Rights holds each year. Defending and restoring your Second Amendment right to edged tools doesn’t come cheap, and your donations are supporting an organization with a proven track record of success. So please donate to Knife Rights’ Ultimate Steel 2018. You could win some pretty amazing prizes.




  1. Sam L. says:

    I’ve been lucky to win some prizes in previous years, so I’m donating today.

  2. Sam L. says:

    The call center is in Tucson. I lived there many years ago. Had a nice chat with the lady who answered the phone.

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Knife Rights announces Ultimate Steel 2018

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