Knife Rights to the rescue: Provides “Knife-Check” service at Trump NRA event.


It turns out the Secret Service doesn’t allow knives at candidate events.

Attendees at Donald Trump’s NRA Convention speech last week were confronted by Secret Service regulations barring knives from Presidential Candidate appearances. They knew that personal firearms were verboten in the convention center, which is in and of itself ironic, but their knives slipped their minds. Rather than end up confiscated and inthe personal collections of security agents a government auction, Doug Ritter and crew stepped in to save the day, or at least the knives. KnifeRights provided a “knife-check” service for event attendees.

From NYDailyNews:

Thousands of people attending a highly anticipated forum at the annual NRA gathering where presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump spoke were surprised to find they couldn’t bring in blades.

Fortunately, Doug Ritter, chairman of the advocacy group Knife Rights — who’s slogan is “Essential Tools, Essential Rights” — took it upon himself to pitch a knife check-in tent where around 3,000 knives were held Friday afternoon.

“We’re happy to help NRA members here. For whatever reason the Secret Service doesn’t want knives in and we’re happy to help,” Ritter said.

I don’t have much by way of analysis on this one. It is just a crappy situation but the Secret Service is too busy chasing hookers and driving drunk to be counted on to act rationally over something as simple as pocket-knives.

“You can’t have guns anyway, but a lot of people would forget they have knives, pocket knives, utility knives, Swiss Army knives,” Don Huskey, a veteran, NRA member and radio show host said, praising the knife-check service.

“People forget knives and almost every good ol’ boy and girl still have knives. I forgot I had it on me. It happens to be an NRA knife. So it’s kind of sentimental. So I didn’t want to let it go.”

Elsewhere in the expo — dubbed “Freedom’s Safest Place” by the NRA — families perused an astounding assortment of firearms including hunting rifles, semi-automatic handguns and mini-guns.

I have pretty much become a single-issue, Second Amendment voter. The Heller Decision is hanging by a thread,  and I will admit that this is one election where I am glad I live in the one-party theocracy that is Tennessee. There is no chance that Rocky Top going for the Hildebeast. So I can vote my conscience and cast a ballot for Gary Johnson.  There is just too much that Trump stands for that is anathema to my Libertarianism, but if I lived in a swing-state, I would probably have to hold my nose and do what I could to protect my God-given rights to bear all manner of arms, including knives.

(Click here for an interesting case for Trump)

Ultimate-Steel-2016_390w (1)

While we are on the subject of KnifeRights, be sure to buy your tickets for the 2016 Ultimate Steel Giveaway. You can support KnifeRights’ legislative efforts around the country. You can also win one of the knives, guns, and other prizes that make up the $200,000 prize pool.

With their proven track record of success, any entry level is money well spent, winning aside. However, beginning at the $60 level you begin to earn gifts such as a 1-year KnifeRights memberships. At $100 you get the first of the KnifeRights-Edition knives, in this case a Spyderco Ambitious.

Beats the pants off an NPR coffee mug.


  1. David says:

    Gary Johnson is more liberal than a libertarian. He believes the govt. Ahead the right to force people to do To do things that go against their beliefs if they’re in business. He was all for the govt. suing the bake shop. I’d as soon have Trump than Johnson. Rand Paul os my choice.

    1. I absolutely think he was wrong on that one. If I owned a bakery I would bake both Army of No.Va. Battle flag and gay wedding cakes. Someone else should be free to choose otherwise.

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Knife Rights to the rescue: Provides “Knife-Check” service at Trump NRA event.

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