Knife-wielding CA man rushes cop shouting “Kill Me”; Cop obliges.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

The deadly confrontation was captured from inside a nearby vehicle. A man waving a knife was shot dead when he refused to obey police commands and charged the officer.

From Ventura County Star:

Sgt. Denise Sliva, a sheriff’s spokeswoman, said the deputy followed protocol during the incident. Sliva also defended the department’s decision to release a graphic video of the shooting taken by a witness.

Duncan took a cordless phone from the 7-Eleven store at the intersection, then called 911 to say a crime was going to happen and he wanted police to kill him, sheriff’s officials said.

Duncan crossed Carmen Drive, and then the deputy pulled up in his patrol car, officials said. Duncan, with the phone in one hand and the knife in the other, told the deputy he wanted to be killed and repeatedly asked to be shot.

The deputy kept his distance and asked Duncan to put down the knife, but the man kept coming at him, officials said. As the man got 2 or 3 feet away, the deputy feared for his life and shot the man multiple times, authorities said.

The deputy was trained in crisis intervention, and the majority of deputies assigned to patrol receive such training, Sliva said.

“We don’t know what transpired before the deputy got out of his vehicle, but we do know there was a suicidal person in the area and public safety was one of our concerns,” Sliva said Thursday.

Watching the video, it appears the deputy was putting his crisis training to use. If you look, he has his weapon drawn, but he is trying to diffuse the situation without pointing it at the suspect.

As the suspect becomes more agitated and began to rush the officer, he then transitions to a more defensive posture, finally opening fire as the perp closed way too close for comfort.

When there are a gaggle of officers standing around, I do think a taser or other less-lethal munition be attempted. Since the deputy did not have backup, I have zero issues with this shooting. Clearly justifiable IMHO.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Suicide by cop. Clearly.

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Knife-wielding CA man rushes cop shouting “Kill Me”; Cop obliges.

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