Knife wielding Santa tries to rob UK KFC


The actual KFC-robbing Santa is still at large. (photo pennlive)

I always knew that Santa guy was a shady character. And now he has reportedly robbed a UK KFC at knife-point.

From GephardtDaily:

“Police said the “Bad Santa” was armed with a large knife instead of a sack of toys Saturday night when he climbed through the drive-through window of the KFC in Alfreton, England, and demanded access to the eatery’s safe.”

“A man dressed as Santa Claus entered the building through the drive-through window and demanded access to the safe,” a Derbyshire police spokesman told the Derby Telegraph. “He has reinforced that with a knife. Staff have quite rightly backed off and allowed him that and he has then exited the scene with a quantity of money.”

The spokesman said the suspect was decked out in festive apparel during the incident.

“He was wearing a red hat, red jacket and a black top,” the spokesman said. “He also had red trousers with a Santa theme and black trainers on.

Kids around the world will be heartbroken. Authorities at NORAD will reportedly be tracking the perpetrator Thursday night.

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Knife wielding Santa tries to rob UK KFC

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