Knife-Wielding White House Fence Jumper, CNN Knife Ignorance, and Security Theater.


Signs, signs, everywhere there’re signs.

Turns out the White House fence jumper was carrying a knife. According to CNN it was a 3.5″ “Spyderco VG10”. As our Edged Intelligentsia no doubt immediately recognized, VG10 is a type of Japanese stainless steel, not a model of knife. Not that any of this matters a bit. The media as always fixates on the tool. Usually they are demonstrating their ignorance of firearms. This case demonstrates that they are, no surprise, equally lost when it comes to knives. It really doesn’t matter what brand of knife the jumper carried. He was a nutball who had made a prior attempt, and had been interviewed by the Secret Service on two prior occasions. Better ban all the pointy objects. For the children. Or maybe we should try treating our PTSD vets.

Also strange to note, the Secret Service didn’t leave this guy a grease spot on the lawn. Of all the knife-wielding suspects that  have been subdued via artificial ventilation, it would seem that this guy would have been counted among them.

The Caly is a 3.5′ VG10 Spyderco. No one needs a knife over 3.5″.

Another Shake Your Head side-moment from the whole situation. In the grand tradition of “Gun Free Unicorn Zones”, the Capital Hill Police (?) are putting up “Do not cross” signs and the “Barrycades”. They are reprising their role from last year’s Government Shutdown where they were so effective at blocking WWII Vets from storming their memorial. Read more at Twitchy.

Throwing this out as an open thread on the whole situation. Go ahead and caption the lead photo in the Comments. I need to laugh, or I think I might cry.



  1. Nathan says:

    I can’t tell if your caption is sarcastic or not. Yay internet…

    1. Most days I carry a 4.5″ fixed blade. Rest assured, it is sarcasm. No individual or government has a right to judge what tool I “need” so long as I am not using it to harm others.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    To give them their due, they went so far as to get information about the knife, presumably from the official Secret Service report. Spyderco doesn’t usually put the model name on its knives, just the company name, steel used and country of manufacture. “Spyderco VG-10” is a good enough description for most purposes, as far as journalism is concerned.

  3. GC says:

    It’s a little surprising that the description of the knife was kept short and mundane. It would have been easy for them to add stuff about how it was extra dangerous because it can be opened with one hand.

  4. Mike L says:

    Most conversations between Federal employees revolve around pay, overtime, food, and sex. Hard to determine which of these is the subject.

  5. Curtis says:

    If someone wants to jump the fence I’m pretty sure that barricade won’t stop them. Then again, I’m sure they are counting on the sternly-worded signs to do that…

    Waitaminute– maybe we can fix the illegal immigration problem by putting these barricades and signs on the border!

    1. I was thinking making a line of those supermarket conveyor belt divider blocks. No one ever crosses one of those. Or maybe lay down some bacon to keep ISIS away.

  6. Cubbie says:

    That first barrier is a jumper’s warm-up before he goes pro. At least it’ll give the Secret Service a little more time to lock the front door.

  7. AW1Ed says:

    So by extension my 06 Auto is a Gerber S30V, made in the USA.


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Knife-Wielding White House Fence Jumper, CNN Knife Ignorance, and Security Theater.

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