Knifemaker Chelsea Miller creates functional art from old tools

Chelsea Miller did not start out as a knifemaker. She returned home to her family’s farm in Vermont to help her ailing father and picked up the skill working alongside him. Her dad was a carpenter and blacksmith, and what started out as a fun way to make gifts for friends has turned into an in-demand business, with a waiting list for Miller’s knives topping 6 weeks, and her wares drawing $800 or more from professional chefs in NYC.


Farrier’s rasps and other tools can be re-purposed into beautiful and functional knives.

The grating surface of the rasp is left intact. This can be used to grate garlic, zest citrus, or many other culinary tasks.

You can see more of her pieces at Chelsea Miller Knives. Incredibly impressive for someone who has been making knives for less than 5 years. You can see her prior artistic training shining through her work.



  1. Spencer says:

    Kudos to Chelsea for creating such useful and attractive items out of (probably) worn-out and discarded objects while working for herself and not the Man.

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Knifemaker Chelsea Miller creates functional art from old tools

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